How to Make Videos Yourself
(Updated 04/06/18)
If you are wondering who is behind Anna’s videos, it’s me. I’m John, Chief Operating Officer here at CCG and Anna asked me to share how we make videos and how I help her behind the scenes in this video setup tutorial. This is everything you need to know about how to make videos yourself.
I am no video expert. I have just done the same research that you are doing right now to determine what works and what doesn’t. And I am also in charge of our finances at CCG so rest assured, this guide is the most affordable way to get started setting up your video studio.

Here is how to make videos yourself:

The Tools:

This list is not comprehensive, but it will get you started!
iPhone 6 (or better): You don’t need a super fancy camera. You can learn how to make videos yourself with your iPhone! This is how we started and what we used for a long time.
Note: I am an Amazon affiliate and I will receive a commission if you purchase through me. Thank you!
Camera: We use a Canon 70d now, which is a good intermediate camera. Not beginner, not professional.

Tripod: There are tons of options, but this one does the job with no frills. It is also taller than most I’ve found, which helps eliminate the dreaded double chin.

The Mount: This is super handy! The iPhone/iPad doesn’t attach to the tripod so you need an adapter. This one adjusts to virtually any size so it works great.

3.5 mm Audio Extension Cable: The detail here is very important! This MUST have 3 RINGS in the male end to plug into your phone. Most have 2 rings and will not work for recording because the third ring is the mic.

Microphone: There is a wide variety in cost and quality. This is the one we used when we were recording with our iPhone.

Microphone (better): We now use the Rode VideoMic Pro.

Ring Light: This thing is totally worth the money! We filmed for a long time without proper lighting. We would always try to adjust to find the best natural light. But with this beast, we can shoot whenever…wherever… (just like Shakira).


-Charge your iPhone up and your iPad if you’re using it as a teleprompter (you’ll need a second tripod and adapter for the teleprompter).
-Get some back up batteries for anything that takes batteries like your mic.
-Free up storage on your iPhone! You don’t want to run out while shooting (not that that’s ever happened to us!).
-Check that you have all the gear listed above.
-Make your own list so you’re always prepared.


-Switch the phone to airplane mode while filming so you don’t get a call and wreck your shot.
-Test the sound to make sure it’s recording from the correct mic and not the basic camera mic.
-Make sure the lighting and focus is good. If using standard iPhone camera tap the dark to lighten up and the light part on the screen to darken up.
-Take a test shot and play it back on your computer to check quality.


-Before you get out of your filming outfit and grab a drink, get the videos on to your computer and check them. Just make sure you don’t need to re-film anything.
-Remember though…content is king, so it’s important to take imperfect action. If you don’t provide great content, it doesn’t matter how great your video looks.
-Don’t get too perfectionist. Just go shoot!

Did this help you learn how to make videos? Share a link to your video. We would love to check it out!

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