CLASS AskAnna: How To Make Time for Your Passion Even When You’re Busy

Making time for your passion even when you are busy can be overwhelming. One of our CLASS member’s asked in our CLASS #AskAnna call how she can proceed on getting her dream career when she’s busy in her current job. And that’s what we are featuring on this episode.

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How To Make Time for Your Passion Even When You’re Busy

Question from Oke:

Hi Anna,

I have a job (finance) that takes up all my time and energy where I don’t feel like I’m gaining much, a skill (writing/media) I would need to work at for a while in order to make a living off and a long-term interest (data science) that I believe would be most beneficial.

It is hard balancing all of them, and I honestly haven’t made headway with any. How can I proceed?

My Response

It sounds like you actually do have a lot of clarity here. To me it sounds more like a time management issue which is why I would first dive into our Time module in CRP. Blocking out your time for where you are going is very important and looking at your vision everyday. Or trying to block out 15 minutes per day for a CRP lesson. Or one hour on the weekend to get through a module. You’ll get MORE excited and motivated as you start taking baby steps towards your dream.

First, let’s be grateful for your day job.  It’s going to pay the bills while you build your dream. But when you leave work, you become a writer. We need to block out time for you to be a writer and work on your media dream. You can do this! Plus more time in your schedule to be a data scientist. I would create a vision board for what your life will be like as a writer in media and a data scientist. You can use the vision journal from our 90 day planner.

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