How to Get Clarity on Business Goals For 2020

How do you get clarity for your 2020 business goals….you take ACTION!

Over the past few weeks, I launched a new course called PLAN. When I started preparing my launch plan (at the very last minute) I still wasn’t completely sure on exactly who it would be for and what message would work. I thought maybe I should just wait until January. That would have been easier! But I just went for it and constantly tweaked things everyday as I got clearer and more confident in how powerful and life-changing the course could be for the right person.

I surveyed you all, read every submission, asked questions and paid attention to EVERY single comment you all left me. (Thank you!) I learned by taking messy imperfect action who this course was for but I made a ton of mistakes along the way.

Mistakes and all, I’m proud of myself and my entire team for launching the course with 45 amazing students and learning so much for next time to improve the course and improve my marketing plan. My 2020 plan has already completely changed based on what I learned and now I’m crystal clear on my business direction for the new year. All because I launched something for the first time that wasn’t completely ready and was a bit messy and a HUGE learning process.

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How to Get Clarity on Business Goals For 2020 IG Story

How to Get Clarity on Business Goals For 2020

  1. Take imperfect action. Survey your audience. Launch messy products and services. You’ll learn so much from putting it out there!
  2. Know your 5-10 year vision and why you want to reach that vision.
  3. What problem do you want to solve in 2020? And what problem are you passionate about solving in 2020?

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What are you sitting on that you need to launch now so you can learn from a little messy action to make 2020 so much better for your business growth?

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