How to Find Happiness at Work When Your Boss is a Jerk
Today we are answering a reader’s question. This is for you if you don’t like your current work environment!
“I love what I do, but the people I work for are just nasty. How do I find happiness when the bosses are jerks?” – Rebecca
It is really important to have a supportive work environment because it factors into your ultimate career satisfaction. I am happy you found what you love to do, that is awesome! But, if you continue down this path in a negative environment you are going to get burnt out. Even if you can handle it now.
I know it’s hard. I used to be in a negative work environment with my client; we will call her “J,” who did everything she could to try to ruin me.
She even talked to my boss to try to fire me even though I was doing work for four other people who had already quit because of her. So, luckily, my boss also knew she was a bit crazy.


How to Find Happiness at Work When Your Boss is a Jerk

So here’s how I handled it. I was so positive. I smiled at her and was super pleasant. I acted like I loved my work and she got so frustrated that I was still so happy when she was trying to take me down with her.
I also started working towards my exit plan and talking to my boss about making a transition, but I didn’t let her ruin my career goals. I actually used this experience being able to demonstrate I could handle a very challenging experience to get promoted and an even better job at the same company. (Then, she really hated me when she found out I had been promoted, not fired!!:)
Here are a couple of tips for you if you are in a negative work environment:

1) Stay as positive as you possibly can.

I know it’s hard. Smile and act pleasant. Don’t let your negative bosses or co-workers bring you down.  That reminds me of this quote:
“The only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.” Zig Ziglar
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2) Start thinking about your transition now.

Start thinking about your ideal work environment and start talking to people in other companies. Start getting the idea in your head that it is time to make a move and where you are at now will not be able to be a long term situation. Hopefully, this will be an easy transition for you because you do know what you love.

3) Start visualizing your ideal work environment.

Start expanding your network now and start visualizing your ideal work environment. Figure out your desire. Make a commitment and then make it happen!
Keep your questions coming, ladies! Comment below with your question and I will answer on an upcoming video!

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