How Not to be Overlooked, Underpaid or Undervalued with Arika Pierce


Have you ever felt overlooked, underpaid or undervalued in your career? One of the reasons I started my blog is to share what I wish I would have known when I first started my career. And what you are going to hear in today’s podcast episode is just that. I know I often felt overlooked, underpaid and undervalued during my 8 years working as a consultant. I wish I would have heard this podcast! Our guest today is going to share tactics that you can use so you don’t become invisible at work and instead start to become considered for growth opportunities.

Our guest today, Arika Pierce, will teach you how you can proactively position yourself for raises and promotions so you don’t get overlooked. Arika will also share what mistakes women make that make them feel undervalued. She will also answer our Classy Career Girl Lightning round questions. You are going to love it!


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How Not to be Overlooked, Underpaid, or Undervalued with Arika Pierce


Meet Arika:

Arika Pierce, President and Founder of Piercing Strategies, is a leadership development coach and expert with a passion for creating forward-thinking leaders. After 15 years of corporate leadership experience, her 360 view of leadership has empowered her to help individuals hone their goals and reach their full potential. Arika brings a fresh and innovative approach that focuses on shifting the mindset, beliefs and actions that leaders need to thrive and succeed in their careers. She helps her clients create actionable plans that mitigate risks and open new avenues of opportunity.

Arika is a sought-after speaker whose interactive speaking style effectively engages audiences. She is also the author of The Millennial’s Playbook to Adulting (2018) and I Can. I Will. Watch Me: How Not to be Overlooked, Underpaid or Undervalued. Arika often mixes context with humor and leaves audiences with actionable and tactical tools to own their careers. Through her coaching, workshops, books, online courses, and membership community, she supports the next generation of leaders in their journey. Arika holds a JD from the George Washington University Law School and a BA in political science from Louisiana State University.

We met a year or two ago when you were a guest inside of our CLASS Membership Group and you taught us about about personal branding and our members LOVED IT. I think it was one of the most watched guest trainings. So I knew we needed to have you back especially since you just launched this book.

“Ambition alone is not enough to advance your career. You must also have the strategy.” – Arika Pierce


Questions Anna asked Arika during this podcast episode:

  • For people who don’t know you yet, share with us a little bit about your background and why you chose to write this book, I can. I will. Watch me.
  • How do we not be overlooked, underpaid or undervalued in our careers?
  • What are the tactics you recommend so you don’t become invisible at work and instead become considered for those growth opportunities?
  • I know in my experience, I one time worked really hard and my boss never saw how hard I was working. I thought I would get promoted and I did but it was a lot harder than I thought.
  • How do you proactively position yourself for raises and promotions so you don’t get overlooked?
  • Explain why someone should feel valued at work and what mistakes people make that make them undervalued?

Find Arika at https://www.arikapierce.com/



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