How I Beta Launched My Online Course, PLAN

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Today’s podcast is a Q&A session I did in my PLAN course. Doors to the PLAN Course are opening soon. You can register at www.classycareergirl.com/planningworkshop

Question from Lindsey:“My plan will be to create an online version of our course currently being delivered face to face only. What are your biggest tips and learning curves for creating your online course?”


Okay, so Lindsey, my recommendation when it comes to creating an online course is to do it unprepared and to do it unplanned, which is kind of funny because this is like a planning course. But every single course, every single membership, everything I have ever put out, I’ve always done live. I’ve always sold it before it was ready. So this course is a great example of that. I knew that I wanted to create this course and I knew there’s so much stuff that is involved with creating a course, right? There’s like the technology and then the time it takes and the outline and then what am I going to talk about? 

And then the slides and then the community. And there’s a lot of overwhelm that comes with creating a course. So I totally get it. And that’s why I put it off for a long time. But then I also knew that if I didn’t do this course like right now, like in June, then it wasn’t going to happen again until January. So it was one of those that was like, if I don’t do this now, I’m not going to do it. And that’s when I sold it without having any of the modules done so that I could do the modules with you guys and that’s what I really recommend doing is like your first live online course. Do it, take notes of what we’re doing here, like do it with your people because you learn so much. That’s why like I’m making myself so available in this course because I want to know every little question and issue.

I want to know every question you have. Like every issue that you have with content because I’m taking that so that I’m taking notes on it so that when I do come out with the actual videos. I’ll do videos like I do in CRP where it’s like five to 10 minutes, you know, professional little lessons. But I’m doing it live first. I’m taking all the notes, I’m taking everything, every question that comes up so that when I do the really professional videos, all of that will be in there. And so basically it makes it a better course. 

How I schedule the live course: 

So I had Mondays blocked in my calendar when I would come and teach the actual content. Then I really wanted it to be available for Q and. A. So then I put dates for Q and A. Then the day that it started is when I added in the laser coaching sessions. Like that wasn’t even part of this course originally. It just kind of went over what, what you would get and what the benefit of the course would be. I did a couple of webinars, a couple of Facebook lives, I think I did one webinar, a Facebook live, and then I emailed my list. 

You have to launch!

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get it out there and test it. I didn’t know what this was going to work. I didn’t know how well this was going to work.  I knew it was a good idea. Just like you guys know if you want to create a course, like you have this idea and you think it would be really good but I had no idea how beneficial this would be. 

I just got excited. Then people buy and you’re like, Oh, I’m on the right track. Oh wow. Now I gotta actually have to create this course.  I know I will be creating the content. I know it will be done. I know it will be a huge accomplishment for me when we get done with this because then it gets easier the next time I do this course it’s going to be so much easier but I did it. I got it started. Keep it simple for you. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Make notes of courses you’ve taken, courses you’re in right now, things I’m doing. Do it live first, be available, be so available. 

Do not just sell a course and not be available because you also want social proof too. And like I said, booking in those laser coaching sessions, that’s me helping you. 

So by the end, they have something done. To me, that’s really important. 

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