Trends in Hiring: What’s Working Now (Podcast #64)
I did a lot of homework for you all on today’s podcast. If you are currently job searching, this is a must to listen to. Over and over again, if you do this ONE thing, you will get the results you want. You will get hired at your dream job but I feel like no one is doing it. You’ll learn all about the latest hiring trends in today’s podcast as well as how to succeed in informational interviews and at job fairs.
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So let’s get started.

Trends in Hiring: What’s Working Now

Why Focus on Referrals?

-Ernst and Young, Deloitte and other companies report that they hire 50% of their employees through employee referrals.
-It’s the #1 way to get hired.
-Employers are bypassing online job searching through monster.com and trusting employee referrals for more qualified candidates.
-The employee can review your resume and cover letter and make sure it has everything you need to get hired.
-The employee WANTS you to get hired so that they can get their referral bonus too. WIN-WIN!

How it works:

  1. You submit your resume or cover letter directly to the person who is referring you.
  2. They submit your resume directly as a referral.
  3. You get hired. YAY! 🙂
  4. The employee gets a bonus for referring you usually
    after 90 days of you being hired. Employees can often make between $1,500-$3,000 for referring candidates in that get hired.
  5. Focus on targeting people in companies that you want to work for. Get to know them. Request informational interviews.
  6. At the end of the meeting with a hiring manager or informational interview, ask them if they know your work quality well enough to be able to refer you into the company.
Note: This is a much better way of asking then can you refer me?

When Requesting an Informational Interview

-Tell the hiring manager what your passion is. My passion is to become a ______.
-Spend a lot of time on the very first sentence. It has to be powerful.
-Make the email short and sweet. Don’t repeat your request over and over. Ask once.
-Compliment the person you are writing to. Show them you have done your research on them and admire their career path and accomplishments.
-Share something you know about them in the email. Something you have in common if possible.
-Always think referrals. You have to create a great first impression with your email.
-Be focused on the career direction you want to go into. Don’t tell the person you don’t know what you want. You won’t get a referral if you do that.

Getting Career Fair Referrals

-Research 5-10 companies online beforehand so you know what companies you will target.
-Prepare your elevator pitch geared towards each of these companies. The first sentence will say who you are and the second sentence will say why you are interested in that company.
-Get there early. Be the first in line. Recruiters remember these people.
-Narrow down your focus so you don’t waste time at the event. Know who you want to talk to and why.
-Have resumes with you that are geared towards that company.
Note: Career fairs are generally a waste of time unless you make contacts and get referrals.

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