5 Ways Sitting in an Office Can Also Improve Your Health
Research says that developing healthy habits in our workplace will improve the quality of our life. Sitting eight hours daily for five days a week could have a negative impact on your health, especially if you don’t have weight loss plans. It can also lead to stiffness and back pain.
In addition, looking at the computer screen for so long could negatively affect your health and strain your eyes. Luckily, in this article, we will reveal 5 amazing ways sitting in an office can simultaneously improve your health and keep all these health issues at bay. Below are the details:

5 Ways Sitting in an Office Can Also Improve Your Health

1. Do Deskercise

While working to meet your work deadlines, try and engage in discreet desk exercises– this will keep you in shape and make you active. You can just ‘go for a run’ even while sitting down at intervals of 1 hour or every 2 hours.
You can simply lift your hands up, pump your arms and lift your feet up as though you are running- you can do all these simultaneously. This will help you burn some calories and increase your heart rate.

2. Get an Exercise Ball to Sit On

Having an office chair with back support is good; it could help you to relax your back and buttocks. But the only disadvantage is that it could make you to adopt an unhealthy posture. Using a yoga ball or a stool will force you to be sitting upright always; thereby you won’t be depending on any back support.
You need to be doing brief, frequent muscular contractions; they will help to curb your risk of getting metabolic disease. The beauty of having an exercise ball is that it could enable you to work out your back muscles and abdominals while enhancing your balance at the same time.
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3. Drink Adequate Water or Eat a Healthy Lunch

Many people, especially when they are seriously engaged with office workloads or working hard to meet some deadlines, don’t remember to drink enough water. Insufficient water in your body could lead to dehydration and it can cause a wide range of problems such as stroke, high blood pressure and hair loss.
Thus, make sure you drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily while sitting in your desk in the office. Alternatively, you can eat fruits containing high content of water, such as watermelon, oranges, grapes, and apples- all these will make you stay hydrated and healthy.
Also, you can take a healthy lunch containing whole-grain carbohydrates, lean protein, fruits and veggies. The beauty of it is that they will help to keep you highly focused and healthy all through the day. Try and eat the foods in smaller portions, so that you won’t consume many calories at a time.

4. Take Short Walks

Cultivate a walking routine, it will enhance your overall health, reverse the negative effects of sitting and trim your waistline. No matter the pressure and workload, find time to engage in at least a few seconds of walk around your office at intervals. You don’t need to step outside your office, simply walk around your office for a few seconds and go back to work.

5. Add a Plant

This could lead to some kind of creativity and a feeling of wellness. Adding a plant in the wall facing your desk is like bringing nature closer to your office.
From a psychological and aesthetic point of view, bringing flowers with a strong scent into your office can improve the air quality in your office. Working and looking at the flower occasionally could make you feel relax and happy.
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