Happiness 01: How Fulfilled are You in Your Career and Life?

Today, we are digging to happiness and what that really means in relation to all the different areas of your life.

If your career and life were a perfect 10, where are you today in every aspect of your life?

My courses are not just about your career, but I also focus a lot on life because as women, our careers and lives are just so intertwined, I know mine is. If I am happier at work, I am happier at home.

I talk with so many women who are unhappy at work and it is affecting their home life. Today, we will help you assess where you are at right now in each of the area of your life, such as your personal development, fun, relationships, marriage, money, health, spirituality, and career.

I think you will find it very eye-opening.

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How Fulfilled Are You in Your Career and Life?

Today we are going to talk about the fulfillment circle, which is a little assessment I created so you can see where you need to focus on in your life. I realize that my career, money, my marriage, personal growth, and mom-life are all so intertwined. So, I wanted to help you visualize the big picture. If you are happy at work, you are happier at home. All of these areas impact other areas.

Here are a few areas of the fulfillment circle:

  • Family life: How fulfilled are you with your family relationships?
  • Health: How fulfilled are you with how you are treating your body?
  • Fun: It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, are you making time for fun in your life?
  • Learning: How much are you learning and growing in your life?
  • Impact: Are you making a difference? Are you helping other people? It can be small or big!
  • Career: You probably already know you need a career change, that is what you are here for!
  • Money: How are you fulfilled are you with your financial situation? Are you saving, are you paying off debt?

You’ll find you can’t focus on all areas at once. There are times when you will focus on one area. Like this last year, I had my second daughter, so I have been all-in on family life. But these areas are all intertwined. The more you fun you have, that makes your family life better. If you have more money, you might be able to make a bigger impact. Think about where you need to focus right now so you can improve your life overall.

Ask Yourself: 

  • What areas have the lowest fulfillment factor?
  • What areas have the highest fulfillment factor?
  • What area will you focus on over the next 90 days?

Here is how to know if it is time for a career change:

  1. You are not valued, rewarded or appreciated. Are you working your butt off and no one is noticing and saying “Good job!”?
  2. You are not challenged, and there is no opportunity for growth in your current job. You are stagnant and you don’t have the motivation to learn more. You are doing the same thing every day. Eventually, you will become an expert and you won’t be challenging yourself to learn more.
  3. You don’t trust your company. Your company is doing something sneaky and you don’t like what you see or hear.
  4. You have lost your excitement and passion for your job. You should enjoy what you do! 
  5. You know in your gut. The fact that you are listening to this podcast is a sign it is time for a career change!  Trust your gut!

Ask yourself: Why do you want to make a career change?

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