How I Handle Criticism
Last week I held a free webinar and it reminded me of something that I wanted to share with you. If you have ever listened to any of my FREE calls, webinars, or video series across an extensive range of subjects you know I give a ton of content away for free. That’s my thing, I want to give some of my best stuff for free so people can get to know me AND TRUST that I will take care of you if you sign up for my courses.

How I Handle Criticism

Well, last week’s webinar I gave an entire hour of great content and then the last 15 minutes I pitched my Love Your Career Formula membership site, which helps women find careers they love. I had orders come through and got very GREAT feedback on social media and on the webinar.
But even with all the great feedback I got, unfortunately, I also got this negative email message afterward:
“You may have prefaced your presentation by indicating that you were going to do some promotion at the end. I have attended other webinars where the presenter will state right up front that she is going to promote her business and that’s fine. I just felt the time you spent promoting your business was a little long and cut into your time.”
Really??!!  I gave an entire HOUR worth of free content without promoting at all, yet she felt like I should have still said I was going to promote. Doesn’t really make sense to me. This is my business. I promote my courses because they help people. My goal is to get people to sign up because if they do, I know their lives can change! It’s not a sales technique. I HELP PEOPLE!

Long Story Short

The more success I have, the more criticism I get. People use personal attacks to make themselves feel better and some are jealous of what I do and the life I now live. As you step higher in your path to success, people like to share their opinions more.
Not everyone will like you. You can’t please everyone. 99% of the people who came to the webinar loved it.  Focus on those 99%, not one 1% who is NOT your ideal client and isn’t someone you want to work with anyways.
If you are being criticized, you are doing something right! Focus on all the GREAT things people are saying about you and how you help rather than the ONE person who likes to share their negative personal feedback

So, What Did I Do With That Email?

I deleted it. And as soon as I did I felt better. If someone’s email is really bugging you and trying to bring you down, just delete it.
As you start succeeding more, people are going to share their opinions and sometimes it is really personal. So take the high road. Remember why you are in this business in the first place and realize that that person is NOT your ideal client anyways so deleting him or her and letting it go is the best route to take.
“Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember ~ the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.” -Zig Ziglar

How do you handle criticism in your work and life?

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