Halfway Hustle Day 1: Review the Past 6 Months
HALFWAY HUSTLE ANNOUNCEMENT: Ok ladies. In a few days we will officially be at the halfway point of 2016. It’s time to relax. Summer has started.
This is how I feel every June too. I have to challenge myself and really push myself to not hang out at the pool and drink margaritas every day. (Not that there is anything wrong with that once in a while, right? 🙂
This is the point in the year where you can choose to go one way or another. You can coast through summer and before you know it will be 2017. Or you can decide to take action and hustle even harder.
For the next 4 days before July 1st hits, we are picking up the pace and refocusing on our goals. I’ll be leading you through your own personalized Half Way Hustle and helping you plan out the final half of the year.
I am pretty excited about this.
Say “IN” in the comments below if you are ready to make some pretty amazing goals happen in the next 6 months.
We start now. Keep scrolling!

Halfway Hustle Challenge 2016: Day 1

Pep Talk: You are not designed to be successful. You have to play the game of life every single day. Who are you committed to being in this life? It’s not easy. We are not designed to be successful. We are not designed to easily create a purposeful life. You have to be truly committed to being who you really want to be each and every day (and each and every minute) to make your life extraordinary.


Today, let’s review the first half of your year. 
1. What did you accomplish so far in 2016 that you are proud of?
2. What worked well?
3. What did not work well?
4. What time and energy sucks are you facing?
5. Where could you improve?


Watch Anna’s Live Halfway Hustle Day 1 Video

P.S. Halfway Hustle Day 2 is not available. Click here to go to Day 2.

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