How to Land Your First Guest Post Opportunity
How do you get that lovely “featured in” section on your new website or blog? You start reaching out to other websites and offering your very best content to them. It may seem funny. Why would you write your very best content for other people’s websites? Because this is the best way to quickly get your name and your brand in front of eyes that are excited to meet you. You have one chance to make a great impression. Give it your best.
This has been my strategy for the last 6 years and it works. I spend hours making sure that any articles I submit around the web are perfect. Why? Because I know that many of the sites I submit my articles to are going to get a ton of visibility and bring lots of traffic back to my site for years. I also know that many of those websites have relationships with other top websites where they submit their content to such as Forbes and Mashable..  (That is my big secret to being featured in Forbes and Mashable). It’s not that hard or difficult. You just have to start spreading your best content around and putting yourself out there even if it is scary.

Why Guest Blog?

The answer is simple—to get visibility, receive more web traffic and develop relationships.

How to Land Your First Guest Post Opportunity

I have been on both sides of the guest post situation. I have written guest articles for over 100 online sites and I have also accepted guest articles over the last 6 years for Classy Career Girl. I am picky. I have seen some of the best content and some of the worst pitches and content.  Here are my best tips for you to get your next guest post opportunity.

Step 1: Make a list of all the blogs that your ideal clients are reading.

This is key. Don’t just start submitting articles to websites you love to read. That might not be where your target market is hanging out. The goal here is traffic, visibility and sales. Remember how much time you are going to spend creating this epic piece of content? HOURS! So, let’s make sure there is a result that will come from it.

Step 2: Create a list of guest post topics and ideas.

It’s important to make sure that you don’t send the same post around because most sites will want unique content. Make sure you keep track of titles of posts and to whom you send the articles. Never send out an article that has already been posted elsewhere unless they have told you that is ok and desired.
Also, be very careful about syndicating your own content. That is when your content is copied exactly onto someone else’s site with your permission. It might be great in the beginning to expand your reach but know the details and make sure you stop it when your website starts to grow so they don’t own your content.

Step 3: Start emailing and pitching!

Almost every site has a ‘contact’ section which makes this step super easy. It’s also amazing all of the people and contacts you can find on Twitter too. Don’t forget social media! Tweet: “I have a GREAT post idea for your site. Can I get an email to send it to?”
Here’s a sample email you can send to pitch your topics.
Hi Danielle,
I wanted to reach out because I would love to write a career article for (name of site). Here are some ideas:
1) How to change careers without starting over financially
2) How to know if it is time for a career change
3) Networking tips for introverts
4) How a Networking Challenge Changed My Career (I met with 4 people I didn’t know and 4 people I did know for an entire year)
I can have you these articles by next week or I am happy to write about another topic you need at the moment. Just let me know!
NOTE: If you don’t hear back, don’t worry. You tried! As your authority and expertise grows, you can try again in the future. The more sites you email, the better your chances for multiple yesses! It only takes one great post to drive a ton of traffic back your way!

Step 4: Create amazing content

Once you get a ‘yes’ back, then you can start writing. Make sure you carefully craft your bio for your guest post. This is one of the most important parts of the article. I always recommend linking the article back to your free lead magnet (ex: PDF, cheat sheet, checklist or Ebook) so people can learn more about you and get on your email list quickly. Often you also can include links to your lead magnet within the article too.
Example of bio link on guest article:
Classy Career Girl, a blog written by Anna Runyan, helps women find careers they love and start businesses they love in 90 days or less. Click here to download her free plan: 90 Days To An Awesome Career

You have one chance to make a great impression. Give it your best.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your great guest post around the web!

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