The BEST Way To Get Your Career Unstuck
Today I’m sharing the BEST way to get your career unstuck WITHOUT being overwhelmed!
Before you just start applying to jobs or creating a business website, let’s take a step back and look at how to create work you love where you have more consistent and steady income. That’s what we are going to talk about today. Let’s dive in!

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The BEST Way To Get Your Career Unstuck WITHOUT Being Overwhelmed!

So…what does it feel like to find your ideal career or business?
Oprah Winfrey is someone I admire who has achieved success doing her passion.
She has mastered her trade even though she had a lot of rejections in the beginning of her career.
Oprah said she felt like she had finally found her place in television.
She once said, “I came off the air, and I knew that was what I was supposed to do … This is it. This is what I was born to do … It just felt like breathing. It was the most natural process for me.”
Oprah got focused on the work she was born to do. She didn’t stop when she got a lot of rejections. She made a commitment to make her dream happen no matter what.
Oprah had a vision of what her life and career was going to be and she didn’t give up until she got there.
She took the jobs that would lead her there as stepping stones to her dream.
Now, on the other hand….what does it feel like to dread going to your dead end job?
Anyone else a fan of the TV show, The Office? I always related to Pam on the show who was clearly not in her ideal career.
Pam was bored at work. She was not reaching her full potential. She had a bad boss and was put in uncomfortable situations.
She would countdown the hours and really not do anything to get her unstuck.
She wasn’t sure where to start. She had a dream of being an artist but she never took the steps. She had a lot of fear.
Pam will most likely stay stuck for the next 10 years.
So my question for you today is….Do you want to be Pam or Oprah?
If you are stuck, no one is going to rescue you. You have to take control and commit to making a change no matter what.
That’s the first step. Just making the commitment.
I hope you join me in choosing the Oprah path so you can finally know what you are supposed to do.
You can find the work you were born to do that feels natural (just like breathing).
I’m excited for you!
See you soon!
Anna Runyan
Creator, CLASS: The Love Your Work and Life System™
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The BEST Way To Get Your Career Unstuck WITHOUT Being Overwhelmed

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