How to Easily Collect Email Addresses on Your Website
You don’t need to be technical to start collecting email addresses on your website. You don’t need to hire someone to start growing your email list like mad.  Just pick one of the top performing articles on your site and get started creating a targeted way to grow your email list. What you will find, if you blog a lot like I do, is that there is a big range of topics to write about. What this means is that not every article and free PDF or lead magnet fits every one of you who reads this. For instance, if you are job searching and updating your resume, you probably don’t care about how to do a webinar, right?
So for that reason, I make sure that each article on this site has a unique optin box to give you something similar to what you are reading about. I want to help you as much as I can and meet you exactly where you are. Then, I can follow up with you and give you even more of exactly what would help you. Because let’s face it, I don’t want to email you stuff you don’t want and you don’t want that either, right.

How to Collect Email Addresses on Your Website


Leadboxes are highly configurable and allow you to collect email addresses to grow your list. Here’s how you can create leadboxes using Leadpages.net.
Note: I am an affiliate but I only use products that I know, use and love!

Step 1: Create the Image

Create the picture Using Picmonkey.com. Add text and overlay (watch the video and I will show you exactly how to do this). The best part of this is that you can pin it when you are done and share it all around your social media platforms too!
Picmonkey.com is free. You can upgrade, but I doubt you will have to unless you get more advanced with your images and fonts you want.  Have fun with this. The more you “design” the better you’ll get.
Remember, if you can grab some quality photos with your phone, that will make your photos even better. You can use your iPhone and get some sun coming in the window. Get some poster board from Target and shop the $1 second for some super cute steals! Have fun with this! Remember, if you like it, your audience probably likes too.

Step 2: Create your PDF and add it to your storage system.

Take the blog article and create a one or two page worksheet or cheat sheet. It can cover the most important parts and then give them some lines to complete. Then, add your URL to the bottom and you are done. Of course you can always add more to this PDF later but I highly recommend not getting stuck on making this look perfect. You can delegate this later to a virtual assistant to improve it, but the important thing is that first you get it up. Your audience wants the information first. Remember, your job is to make a difference and your PDF can’t make that difference if it is sitting on your computer, right?

Step 3: Create the Optin Box

Head on into Leadpages.net and click on Leadboxes. This is where you will design what you want the box to look like and upload a photo to personalize it and make it look appealing to opt into. This is also where you will copy the html code from your email system into leadpages integration section. Then, check your thank you page. You can use the default one to begin with, but make sure you change this in the future to a special one designed easily for you in Leadpages. They have a ton of options you can choose from as default templates. The thank you page shouldn’t take you longer than 15 minutes to create.
Then, add in your lead notification email to make sure that they get the right PDF when they optin. You’ll want to grab the link from dropbox or wherever you are storing the PDF because Leadpages can’t store the PDF for you. They just send the initial email. They will not house your contact list either. If you are deciding what email list system to start with, read this article about setting up your email list.
This is also where you will upload the photo you created in step 1 and save it so it is ready for the next step.

Step 4: Add the html code to your WordPress site

The final step is simply to add the code that Leadpages gives and copy it into the text section of your WordPress site. You can see me do this in the video above and then I always test it afterwards and make sure it works.

Now, go start collecting email addresses so you can make a difference and make your impact and mark on this world! Let us know in the comments below when you get your first!

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