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Show Topics:

  • CCG Announcements
  • Networking Interview with Kat Krull: How To Turn Your Resume and Internship Into Your Dream Job
  • Reader Question: What to Wear to an Internship?
  • Reader Question: How to Write a Selling Resume or CV
  • Reader Question: Etiquette For Responding After the Interview

Podcast Transcript

Hi this is Anna Runyan and welcome to Podcast #10 of the Classy Career Girl podcast!  This podcast is dedicated to helping you become happy, successful, and balanced with advice from me that I wish I would have known as a young professional woman just starting out in my career. On this podcast you will also find interviews with other successful business women to help you succeed and then of course at the end of the podcasts I always answer all of your questions about your career.
I have gotten a lot of questions this week so I am excited to get you all some answers and hopefully help you all out in your careers, including some information about what to wear to your first job or internship!

Classy Career Girl Announcements

So, first I wanted to share a few exciting things on Classy Career girl! If you haven’t heard yet, this month my career fashion advice is featured in People Stylewatch magazine in the June 2012 edition. I was so excited to have this happen and I hope you get a chance to check out the magazine. You can find my advice on page 205.
The other big announcement is that I am going to be visiting a few other universities in the next couple of months. I am going to the Rady School of Management to speak about networking to MBA students. That is actually where I graduated from so I am super excited to go back just a year after graduation and help out students conquer their networking fears. I am sure I will be talking about blogging and social media a lot too. And then in the Fall I just confirmed that I will be speaking at students at UC Merced at an evening reception.
Let’s turn it over to Kat Krull who is going to share with us some advice on how to turn your resume and internship into a full-time job!!

Interview with Kat Krull

Alright, I hope you enjoyed the interview with Kat! My favorite part of the interview is when Kat talked about she took matters into her own hand and instead of applying to a job online and just waiting for them to call her back, she walked into the office and introduced herself and told them how much she wanted the job and demonstrated that she had actually done the research! I loved that because it is being proactive and stepping out of your comfort zone and making great things happen instead of just sitting around and waiting for those great things happen to you.
So let’s get started answering your question!

Reader Questions

I had this interview and I am having mixed emotions on how the interview actually went. I interviewed with them 1 week and 1/2 ago and still have not heard anything. In the interview he explained the job, pay talked about hours etc. Then gives me his business card and tells me to contact him. So I sent him an e-mail last week and no response. I am just a little lost of how to contact him or if I should even try? Thank you for your help!”

CCG’s answer:

Hi Anna, Thanks for your question.  This sounds super confusing I agree. I would do exactly what you have done.  Usually, they would contact you so that is super weird that he said that you should contact them. Maybe they are just interviewing other people before finalizing a decision? I would call him if you don’t get an email back from him. And maybe email one more time. But after that, I would just let it go. If they are going to treat you like that, you don’t want to work there anyways.
Good luck and thanks so much for reading my blog!

Question from reader: Emma

I will be starting my internship next week! The internship is in the headquarters of a health insurance company. When I asked my manager about the dress code she just said to wear a suit and didn’t give any details. So far I have bought three matching skirt suits (Black, grey and pinstriped). Would it be possible to mix and match these? For example, the grey skirt with the black jacket. The price of the suits is not the only problem, the availability is also a problem. Every store I go to has a great black skirt suit but not other colors! Can you help me figure out what to wear to my first job??”

CCG Answer:

Hi Emma,
Congrats on the internship!!
It’s hard to tell without seeing them but I think you could definitely mix and match them. Black and pinstriped can definitely be mixed and matched.
I would recommend getting some pants too and that will give you something else to mix and match. You can maybe even find a cheaper suit jacket in a different color from like H&M that you could wear with any of these skirts. Like a red or tan jacket would go with any of the skirts. Don’t think that your jacket and skirt always has to be bought at the same store either. And yes definitely try the grey and the black jacket as well. Once you get into the working world you will start broadening your wardrobe but for now definitely, mix and match away and don’t worry about it. Also, scope out how everyone else is dressed as well. You might want to to a tan or brown suit on Fridays or maybe they dress more casually?
I am sure you will look great! 🙂  Good luck!

Question from Setshego

Is there a particular way of writing a selling resume or CV?  And how? Does age limit your chances of securing a job?
Thanks for your question! I would first check out all of my resume tips on my resume checklist. I made a list of all of the things that you should look for in your resume before you hit that submit button. You can find that checklist under classycareergirl.com/free-resources. My main advice would just be to try to stand out from the crowd and if you look at your resume and it looks dull and boring, then change it!
Think of yourself as the interviewer and recruiter looking at your resume. Is it something that you would want to read as a recruiter?  If not, change it into something that you would want to read yourself!  And your second question about age. No age should definitely not determine your chance for getting a job. I am not sure if you are worried that you are too young or too old but either way you have a lot of advantages. For example, if you are too young then you have the advantage of not having any experience and that you are ready to jump in and learn without having prior experiences drag you down.  You also have your knowledge from school all available and fresh and you might even be more determined and motivated because you are fresh out of school and ready to make a big impact on the world!
And if you think you might be too old there are plenty of advantages for that as well.  You have a lot of experiences that you can use to improve your chances and add to that resume to brag about yourself and how you can use your prior experiences to make the company better because what you bring to the table.  So don’t ever think that you have a disadvantage because you are too young or too old!  There are advantages to either you just have to be confident and know them when you get that interview and when you are creating your resume.


So that is it for today’s podcast! Thanks so much for listening!

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