5 Types of Friends Every Entrepreneur Needs


Running your own business can be tough, and you often feel like you’re doing it alone. When you’re just starting out, you might think that your close friends and family would be your biggest source of support, but it’s not always the case.
Sometimes those closest to us are concerned that we’re giving up the regular monthly paycheck or they just don’t understand our dream. They mean well, but they don’t always know how to give us the support we need. That’s why there are 5 types of friends a girl needs by her side when she becomes her own boss.

5 Types of Friends Every Entrepreneur Needs

1. The Critic

This friend won’t hold any punches. She’s got opinions and she’s not afraid to share them. Sometimes friends try to spare our feelings and don’t give us the whole truth when we ask for it – but not this friend, and that’s exactly why you need her.
At a certain point, you’re going to have to put your ideas out into the big bad world, which is why feedback from a critical friend is so important. She won’t be mean but she will be honest, and she’ll help you get it right the first time. Know when to seek her advice and use her opinions wisely.

2. The Nurturer

If the critical friend is for when you need the cold hard truth, the nurturer is the exact opposite. When you’ve had a bad day she’ll listen and tell you what you want to hear in the best way. There’s going to be tough times in your business journey and sometimes this emphatic friend is just what you need when you’re feeling down.

3. The Hustler

This is your friend who’s on the same mission as you. She’s running her own business and pushing herself to achieve her ambitions. You might have known her before you started, or you might have met her along the way.
You’ve probably got a bit of healthy competition going with this friend. She’s your benchmark, so when you’re struggling she understands. She’s the perfect sounding board when you’ve got a new idea or a problem you’re stuck with.
She knows what you’re going through and she pushes you to work harder because she shows you what’s possible.

4. The Opposite

We often make friends who are similar to us because it’s the things we have in common that cement our friendship. We all need friends who understand exactly what we’re going through, but it can be just as valuable to be friends with someone who’s on a completely different path.
Perhaps she’s married and you’re single. You’re building a business and she’s travelling the world. You’re focused on your career and she’s building her family. This friend shows us what’s going on in other life stages, which can teach us a lot.
She reminds us that there’s no right answer, gives us an insight into other options and keeps us focused on why we want to achieve our goals.
It can be tough to find the time to hang out with this friend, and you might not have much in common, but it’s always good to see a fresh perspective.

5. The One Who’s Been There All Along

You’ll make new contacts in your business journey and some of them will become good friends. As we grow and change, our friendship groups change too. When you’re in different life stages or focusing on different goals it can be easy to drift apart, but it’s important to remember who’s been there for you from the beginning.
Long-term friendships will help you stay balanced. You might not talk often, but you’ve been there for each other through the big things and that won’t change. You can be completely yourself around this friend because she gets you.
Friendships change, just like our goals. Each one is different and like all relationships they take work. A strong circle of friends is the perfect support network to lean on in every situation, so it’s important to invest time in building and maintaining you friendships as you build your business.
“Support your friend’s businesses and progressions like you support the celebrities you don’t know.”

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