The 7 Best Freelance Careers
Freelance jobs are an excellent way of earning extra money, developing your talents or even starting a new career. Freelancing comes with many benefits such as increased independence and working on your own terms. Being free from the confines of the conventional workplace gives you a chance to control your schedule and choose the projects you would like to work on.
In many cases, freelance work pays more than traditional employment, but also comes with some inherent downsides. For example, an unpredictable stream of work can result in extended periods with little or no income. If you are a new freelancer you may face few projects and low pay at the beginning of your career, but as time passes you gain the experience to attract larger projects from bigger clients willing to pay more for your work.
In many ways, looking for freelance work seems like a traditional job search. You have to prepare to pitch your skills and talents repeatedly and tolerate rejection. With hard work and dedication, you can enjoy all the benefits freelancing has to offer. Here are some of the best freelance careers to consider.

The 7 Best Freelance Careers

1. Social media management

This is a career that has seen great growth during the past several years. If you have social media skills and enjoy communicating with people, you can earn around $20 to $45 per hour managing social media accounts on various platforms, as well as creating and implementing strategies that benefit your clients. Freelancers able to integrate social sites, websites, and mobile sites to support a single brand or company can attract a steady stream of work.

2. Web development

A lot of companies like to hire freelance web developers to save money instead of using high-priced development firms. Although workers often get started slowly, those who work hard and develop their talent can easily earn around $100,000 annually. As a web developer your task could include coding websites, creating online tools, testing web-based applications, providing technical support, and website management.

3. Graphic design

Graphic designers can often easily find well-paying freelance jobs. Companies enjoy having an expert on call who can quickly complete tasks as needed. Freelance graphic designers can design various elements such as logos, posters, applications, games, websites, and marketing materials for businesses that want to grow, but cannot afford to put a graphic designer on the payroll. Estimated earnings for such jobs can range from $15 to $21 per hour.

4. Writing

As one of the most popular freelancers, freelance writers can fill roles as content managers, copywriters, editors, bloggers, and technical writers. With the increased number of companies using blogs as a marketing strategy, there has been an increase in freelance writing job posts. Freelancers that have good writing skills and consistently supply clients with new, optimized content can reap estimated hourly earnings between $25 and $30.

5. Teaching and Tutoring

Students of all ages occasionally need tutoring to reinforce learning or master complicated subjects in school. Freelance teachers and tutors can give online or in-person classes in subjects with which they have expertise. The job can involve creating and executing engaging lesson plans, lecturing, assembling learning guides, and leading creative activities. As with most of these freelance careers, as a freelance teacher or tutor you can easily work from home, adding an extra level of flexibility and convenience to you job. The work can deliver estimated earnings of $20 to $28 per hour.

6. Photography

If you are a skilled and creative photographer, as a freelancer you can earn as much as $1,000 or $2,000 during a full day of shooting high-quality work. You can also profit from selling your photos to magazines or other clients. It is a good idea to specialize in one area of photography and wedding photography is especially profitable. This freelance career will require investing in equipment, but it definitely pays off.

7. Digital marketing

Businesses turn to freelance marketing professionals when they want to control payroll costs while improving the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Digital marketing freelancers can easily stay on the cutting edge of marketing trends as they formulate strategies for multiple clients. Freelance marketing jobs can include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, Facebook and AdWords advertising, and email marketing campaigns.
We hope you found some new freelance opportunities after reviewing our list and are ready to launch a career as a self-employed worker. Working hard as a freelancer can help you achieve an independent, fulfilling career with the flexibility that puts you in charge of your future.

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