Free Teleseminar Tonight! How to Get Ahead in your Career This Year!

I just planned an awesome free teleseminar this evening and I want to make sure you are signed up! It is called, “How to Get Ahead in Your Career This Year – Simple Actions For Big Success Before the End of 2013!”

How much time are you spending each week on your own career goals and dreams? If you aren’t working on your goals, you are working on someone else’s (your boss, your parents, your boyfriend, etc).  If you are feeling comfortable in your current job but know you need something bigger and better, join me for my free call TODAY at 7pm EST where I will teach you how to get ahead in your career this year. Make sure you get your coffee, tea or water ready and shut the door so you have some quiet time for the LIVE call with me!  Also, make sure you sign up soon so you have time to download and print the worksheet for tonight’s call.

Get the details and sign up here: http://freegift.classycareergirl.com/how-to-get-ahead-in-your-career-this-year/

P.S. If you can’t make it, the recording will be sent out after!

In this teleseminar, you will learn:

  • How to Create More Opportunities For Yourself In Your Current Job
  • What You Must Know About Relationships and Networking to Get Ahead
  • How to Get Paid More For What You Do
  • Mindsets You Need In Order To Move Your Career Ahead
  • What to Do If You Feel Stuck In Your Current Career
  • How to Communicate When You Want to Move Forward
  • And much more!

Get the details and sign up here: http://freegift.classycareergirl.com/how-to-get-ahead-in-your-career-this-year/

See you on the call tonight!

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