Free 2015 Planning Workshop TOMORROW!

It’s time for a new year. A fresh start. It’s time for a new chapter in your career or business.

Recently, I asked on Facebook if you would be interested in a free workshop on how I put together my goals and vision board for the new year. I was overwhelmed by over 20 comments screaming, “YES!”

The 2015 Vision Board and Goal Setting Workshop: How I Plan My Year For Personal and Business Success” 

Click here to discover an entirely new way to plan out your success this year.

This is your year!


On the training call, I will help you make 2015 your best year ever.  The most important thing you can do is PLAN.  Without a solid plan, you won’t be able to realize all of the success that you want to have.

I had an amazing 2014 and it was all because I carefully planned out my year at the end of 2013. I planned out how I was going to double my business income, have a baby, take a lot of time off to bond with my new baby, take 2 international trips and still keep my business going and thriving so that I could quit my corporate job and devote my time to my dream business full-time.

If you are an ambitious woman with lots of goals and plans for 2015, this workshop is DEFINITELY FOR YOU!

You are going to learn:

-A simple and effective way to plan out your goals and tasks for the new year

-How and why you need to create a vision board

-A system to plan out your calendar and actions for the new year

-How to get over the fears that are holding you back from success this year

-What the most successful people do that helps them achieve their goals each year

This training is for you whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. Make sure you bring a notepad because you are going to want to take lots of notes!

See you on the call!


Hi, I'm Anna!

I’ll help you create a career strategy and plan so you can finally have a job or business you love that supports the life you really want.

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