3 Things More Important Than Social Media For Your Business
Recently I was chatting with one of my clients who I have been working with over the last two years. I was remembering what it was like when she first came into our Corporate Rescue Plan program. She was a financial planner with a successful business already BUT she did not have freedom and she had a lot of stress. She also didn’t have any of these three things that I am going to share with you today which I believe are even more important than social media.
It’s not about how many followers you have on Instagram. Here’s what you REALLY need to be focused on if you want to build your business.


3 Things More Important Than Social Media For Your Business

1. Your Website

Your followers could disappear tomorrow. You have to build a website for your business. When I first started Pinterest and Instagram weren’t even around. But today I have followers you have been checking in on my website for the past six years. It is way more important to build your brand and your own website. I can put on my homepage what I want and when people come back to my site, I control what I want them to see. Unlike social media where the platforms control what they want you to see.  I highly recommend that you create a place where your followers can always find you now and in 5-10 years from now.
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2. An Email List

You want freedom, right? That’s what an email list in your business can provide.
Let’s say you are launching a new service or a sale, what would you rather do? Post to Facebook where they probably won’t see it unless spending money on advertising or send it directly to their email inbox so they see it the second they wake up? The latter right?
I have followers who have been receiving my emails for 6 years. These people won’t come and see my website every day but I can send them an email about a workshop, webinar, or sale. I can email them just to say hi and get feedback on what they want.
You have little control over who sees what on Facebook and other social media sites but emailing someone puts you back in control. It builds trust when you give someone your email address. It can create a consistent stream of income for you and you can make more impact and influence more people by sharing your message.  Did I convince you enough yet? Good.

3. Lead Magnet

What is that? A lead magnet for your business is a valuable free giveaway that you create for your ideal client. You give it away in exchange for their contact information. You have to give out your best work. Something you would charge for. Solve problems with your lead magnet. Give your potential customers some quick wins. Use your lead magnet to develop a relationship with them.
If you want more freedom in your life and you want to grow your business, sign-up for The Freedom Workshop at www.corporaterescueplan.com/freedom.

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