How to Find Time to Work Out When You Are Super Busy
In an article I wrote called A Day in My Life, a reader asked me a question that I thought would be great to share with the rest of you.

Question: I was curious, when do you make time to work out?

How to Find Time to Work Out

Isn’t this a great question that we all are trying to find the answer to? What I love is how she asked the question. She didn’t say how do you find time to work out. She said how do you MAKE time to work out. This simple change makes all the difference because YOU are in charge of  your life, your calendar and your to-do list.  Take control right now!
Being busy is one of the biggest excuses for lack of exercise.  Who doesn’t have a million and one things to do and when you finally complete all your work, the last thing you want to do is get on the treadmill and do more work. Trust me, we have all been there but there are a few easy things that you can do to increase your motivation after a busy day.
What I have found is that the times that I am the least stressed are actually when I am in a workout routine.  Research shows that the more exercise, the better for our health and stress level. Research says that people who exercise every day reduce their risk of anxiety and stress levels by more than 40%!
Exercise can help by providing an outlet for negative emotions such as worry and anxiety from your workday and it can help your body return to a balanced state more quickly.  It can also give you more energy along with improved self-esteem and confidence.  Energy and confidence are very important on the job and this is why it is important to make exercise a daily habit.

running find time to work out

Last year I trained for a marathon while working full time and going to school.  It was one of the busiest times of my life but also one of the most productive times of my life too. I had so much energy because I was working out regularly and fueling my body with the right foods! The other great perk was that I felt great about myself for accomplishing a goal that I had had for years.  I also felt like I was doing better at work and school during this time and even had more energy for social activities (when I could find the free time). Here are the secrets I have learned to find time to work out with a busy schedule.
P.S. I am not perfect and have my good workout days and I have sit on the couch days too. They key is to do your best and to not be too hard on yourself if you slip up from time to time.

How to Find Time to Work Out

1. Plan ahead

The secret to working out with a busy schedule is planning ahead, creating a schedule and sticking to that schedule. Make working out important by marking it on your calendar just like you would a doctor’s appointment.

the secret to work out with a busy schedule is planning ahead.

2. Work out with a friend

I found that working out also gives me time to enjoy with my friends that I might not otherwise get.  It is a social activity that I look forward to.  If you plan to go for a run with a friend or play sports with a team, they will not be very happy with you if you don’t show up.  This will encourage you to use your time wisely, especially early mornings.

3. Have your workout clothes ready to go

Another tip is to come straight home, change into workout clothes and then head straight the the gym.  Better yet, change at work and go directly to the gym without stopping at home.  I have found that if you wait longer than 10 minutes at home before heading to the gym, chances are that you won’t make it to the gym.  You will start getting hungry and that fabulous dinner and dessert in the fridge will call your name instead.
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4. Make it easy to start

If it takes a ton of time you won’t do it. You can find time to squeeze in 15-20 minutes and build up to 30 minutes to 60 minutes just three times per week. It’s all about getting over the hard part of starting. Once you start and add it to your schedule for a day or two, you will start loving it and you’ll be jumping out of bed to workout!
Even Keith Ferrazzi, the world’s foremost expert in professional relationship development, finds time to work out with a nonstop schedule even busier than all of ours!  In his book, Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time, Keith says, “As hectic as my schedule can get, I never miss a workout (five times a week).  You have to take care of yourself- your body, mind and spirit-to be at your best.”
Now with all this talk about exercise, I am feeling a little guilty sitting on this couch in my sweats.  Guess its time to head out for a run!

How do you find time to work out with your busy schedule?

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