How To Find Your Calling 4-Day Challenge
This podcast will dive into some self-reflection exercises to help you find your calling. You’ll learn the 3 components that factor into your calling and an important warning. This training is a sneak peek of our Love Your Career Formula membership site. We are not currently open but feel free to add your name to the waitlist here: www.loveyourcareerformula.com.

How To Find Your Calling 4-Day Challenge

How To Find Your Calling 4-Day Challenge

First, I know you want your dream job, but how do you find your calling?
That’s the question you need to ask that will lead you to your dream job.
Don’t be ashamed if you still don’t know what your calling is. It’s a question kids are asked all the time, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” So asking yourself that question as an adult seems like you are so far behind.
But, better to ask yourself that question now than five more years stuck in a job that is definitely not your dream job. Now is the time to start taking action to figure out what your calling is.
The hardest part of figuring out your calling is that you won’t find it during an online job search or during an interview at a company. Instead, you have to do some self-reflection to figure out what your calling is.
Yes, you can use trial and error to figure it out but that can take a lot of time and you might regret it in 20 years. Many people get stuck in jobs they hate because they take that first one that just comes their way without going through these steps to make sure they really know what their calling is. So that’s what we are tackling in this challenge!
Now, let’s get things straight before we start. Finding your calling is NOT easy and it isn’t something you can do overnight. This is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do and what most people don’t take the time to do.
So first off, congrats for making YOU and your calling a priority. It will be so worth the hard work that you are doing right now to have a fulfilling and rewarding career that you were BORN to do!
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Challenge #1: Create an Ideal Job Description

  • Make a list of all of your prior jobs, internships and volunteer activities. Also, include any hobbies or things you do in your spare time.
  • Make a love list and hate list for each of the jobs.
  • Write your own job description using your love list.
We want to make sure we get you into a career filled with the things that you loved….NOT the things you hated.
We are going to put the hate list to the side to remind you NOT to look for jobs that have those items included. Instead, we are going to focus hard on that love list.
For example, when Anna was on the job hunt, she realized that she LOVED teaching and training about any topic but she hated doing excel spreadsheets, calculating numbers and updating Powerpoint slides.
Anna’s ideal job description became:
  • Creates content, articles, videos and courses to help employees utilize their passions and talents in their careers.
  • Teaches, mentors and coaches new employees and helps them become better leaders.
Do you see how much better it is to start with your ideal job description first instead of starting by “seeing what is out there” online and applying to random jobs! ????
Let’s create a job description ourselves and then find a job that fits that. Sound good?
I told you this is tough work but so much more fun, right?!
**Recommended social media post to find your
Title: (Your name)’s Ideal Job Description
  • Develops __________
  • Creates_____________
  • Updates___________
  • Enhances____________

Find Your Calling Challenge #2: Determine Your Motivations

It’s time to start day 2 of our Find Your Calling Challenge! Last week, you created your ideal job description and you are now more than ready to take the next step. So, let’s do it!
There’s one thing that many of us overlook when we are job searching. Last week, you discovered the tasks you loved when creating our ideal job description. But, today we are diving into what motivates you to really do the best work that you can do.
The closer you get to find a job that motivates you to do your best work possible, the more successful and happy you will be at that job.
Hopefully, this is all starting to make a little more sense for you. If it hasn’t yet, just keep taking imperfect action and baby steps and you’ll get more clear throughout this process.
In order to have a happy, successful and fulfilling life, you must act upon your motivations, both in your personal life and at work. Taking your motivations into account when you choose a career could be the most important factor that determines whether you will or won’t be satisfied.
Ask yourself, “What are the most important things in your life right now? What are the most important things that you would like in your career?”
Your motivations can change throughout your career so don’t worry if you value your family more now then when you graduated from college. Everyone is different so think carefully about what you value most about your life and work. You don’t have the same motivations as the next person.
In Anna’s case, she values family a lot more since having her daughter and now her work needs to have more flexibility than it did before she had a child. So this is a great exercise to do at different times in your life because things change!
So, let’s get started determining your motivations!
  1. Review the values listed on this page.
  2. Determine your top 10 values.
  3. Think about your current work situation and whether or not your values are being expressed in your work right now. Write yes next to the value if it is currently being expressed in your work now and no if it is not.
**Recommended social media post to find your calling
I am motivated by………………. I am committed to living these out in my future work and life.
Now is where we really dial into what type of work fits you best.
This week we are talking about passion! What is passion?
We know it can be a little overwhelming to figure out what your passion is. Today is all about just starting to think about it and putting your answers down to some of the questions. When you are done, we promise there will be common themes that jump out at you.
For example, when Anna started to uncover her passion she realized that when she was younger there were some things that she loved doing for hours and hours on end. She loved giving advice to her friends about getting into college, dating or staying healthy. Her friends were always coming to her for tips and she loved motivating them.
Sound familiar to Anna’s job today?
So that’s our BIG challenge for you today. Start thinking back to your childhood. What are some things you loved doing then that you still love doing today.
These should be tasks that you are excited about and that you could do for hours and hours and not get bored.
Important note: Just because you are passionate about something, doesn’t mean it’s your calling. We’ll be covering how to combine all of these challenges in a special bonus video coming your way soon.
So, let’s get started!

Find Your Calling Challenge #3: Uncover Your Passion

Write your answers to these questions:
1. What do you daydream about?
2. What do you love learning about?
3. What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?
**Recommended social media post to find your calling:
If I only had one year to live, I would _________________________.
We know this is a tough question but that’s why this is called a CHALLENGE! ????
You have a whole week to think about it. The truth is that any day could be your last and that’s why it’s Anna’s passion to motivate you to live a life that inspires you.
We can’t wait to read your answers!

Find Your Challenge #4: Can You Get Paid For Your Passion?

Today we are going to cover something really simple. Over the last 3 weeks you have done a lot of work figuring out your favorite tasks, your values and your passion. Each week you are getting closer to your calling.
This week is where it all comes together by asking you one big and very important question.
Is there a market for your passion? Will the market pay for what you offer? Will an employer hire you and pay you a salary for what you offer? Are you comfortable charging for what you love to do?
The truth is, if we focused only on money and the type of work we could make the most money with, we’d never uncover our true calling.
That’s why we saved this for the last week of our challenge. It’s important enough to think about and factor into your calling but it shouldn’t be the only factor that you consider.
So, let’s get started!
Write your answers to these questions:
1. Does your passion, interests and ideal job tasks you found in week 1-3 meet a need in the world or workplace?
2. Based off your budget and living expenses, what is the salary or income you need to live?
3. Spend some time researching on Salary.com or Onetonline.org’s bright outlook occupations. What is the average salary of someone in the career you are passionate about?
Note: You may need to do some informational interviews to ask what the average salary is in your field if it isn’t readily available online.
**Recommended social media post to find your calling!
-My calling and ideal job target meet a need in the world or workplace by _______________.
We can’t wait to read your answers!

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