How to Figure Out What Your Client Really Wants

Today we’re covering how to know what your client really wants. This is something that I think we overlook a little bit, really diving into our client’s heads and their mind, what they’re thinking, what keeps them up at night. And we tend to create these posts. This is totally what I used to do. I created these courses that I was excited to create. And I created these guides and ebooks, and everything from all this knowledge I had in my head.

But it wasn’t necessarily something that people really needed. So what we want to do today is take a step back from all this stuff, this content creation and everything that we’re creating and building, and our products and services. But think of the client instead. We want to put ourselves in the client’s shoes today and just really try and get to know them as much as possible.

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How You Can Figure Out What Your Client Really Wants in Five Simple Ways

So in today’s episode, I’m going to give you five ways to know what your client really, really, really wants. I obviously suggest you do all of these.

I want you to stop everything else you have going on in your business for a day or so and really dive into this market research and really get inside their heads because it’s going to help you do everything for your business. Not only is it going to help you create your products, but it’s going to help you on social media. It’s going to help you with sales pages and blog posts. Like anything that you do, talking to your clients over the phone. This is going to really help you.

Here are the five strategies to figure out what your client really, really, really wants:

  1. Survey.
  2. Interviewing anyone that is in your target market.
  3. Facebook polls and doing anything in the Facebook groups.
  4. Email sequence asking them about what their frustrations and challenges are.
  5. Start doing some online research.


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How to Figure Out What Your Client Really Wants

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