Fashion Accessories for a Classy Working Girl

No matter where you work, you want to look your absolute best. When it comes to accessories, it’s sometimes hard to know what is appropriate at work and what is not. Of course you want to make a lasting impression but you don’t want to come across as too flashy or unprofessional. In fact, many new employees often get started on the wrong foot simply because they come to their new corporate job with a nose ring or pink stripes in their hair. Depending on the type of job that you just got hired for, you always want to over dress and look your best rather than under dress. It is all about making a long lasting impression and you want your impression at your place of work to always be positive.

Fashion Accessories for a Classy Working Girl

For the most part, depending on the company, you will want to stick to a style that is timeless, elegant, and classy. Wearing conservative jewelry that is minimalist will help you achieve the look that you are seeking. Shoes should be closed toe flats or a conservative heel. In regards to a purse, you will want to go with a style that is also conservative, and perhaps stick with a basic color such as beige, brown, or black. If your budget is a concern, all of the business appropriate selections below are hot deals and bargains.

This is a simple, yet elegant and beautiful bracelet. This sterling silver blue topaz bangle braceletwould look lovely with a pencil skirt and blue blouse. Wear it to add an additional sparkle to your outfit.

A heart bracelet that is both sterling silver and has links is always a timeless look. This bracelet appears to be like a bracelet from Juicy Couture or Tiffany’s but it is budget friendly. You’ll be receiving questions from your new co-workers inquiring where exactly you found this lovely bracelet.
These black flats are basic, yet stylish with gorgeous ruffles. Even if you are a fan of pumps, flats will keep you comfortable if you have to stand for long periods of time at your job.
During Summer, you’ll probably want a pop of color implemented into your work wardrobe. If you have a white or black blouse but are missing some color, a floral scarf is the perfect addition. Florals are very trendy right now and also beautiful.

Now that you have an idea on what accessories to invest in for your job, not only will you feel confident, you’ll look fashionable too! Remember as you look for accessories to add to your outfit that you aren’t only making a statement to your company, you are also representing your company. Dressing appropriately will let your boss know that you mean business.  It will show your co-workers that you want to help your  company succeed and at the same time allow your career to flourish.

Classy Career Girls – What accessories do you love to wear to work?
Love accessorizing?  I do!  Today, Sierra Greenman is going to help us career girls find fashion accessories that are professional and classy.  Sierra is a freelancer and specializes in writing, social media and graphic design.  

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