7 Ways to Deal With Failure in Your Career
As much as we strive to steer clear of failure, sometimes we run right into it. Even the most successful people in the world weren’t exempt from difficulties and setbacks. The fact is – no one likes to fail but failure, however, is inevitable. It’s important to bear in mind is that what matters more than the failure is how you handle it and move on.    
Chances are that if you live long enough, you will come across misfortunes and failures. According to research, if you are below 30 years of age, there is a 90% probability of getting sacked sometime in the next 20 years. So, it’s imperative to remember that failure is a standard part of life. Just think about it as an opportunity to learn something new and the initial step on the road to success.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur up against the closure of your business or you’re an employee faced with shortcomings in your career, here’s how to save your career from the verge of failure.

7 Ways to Deal With Failure in Your Career

1. Recognize When There is Little Chance of Success

It sounds gloomy, but it’s an inevitable reality. It is essential to know when to give in. Allocate a time frame to either make things better or accept defeat. When you’re failing at something, it’s better not to keep chucking in your strength and finances into it for the sake of tenacity or dedication. You need to know when to bring it to an end.

2. Take Control and Own Up to Mistakes You Made

Take control of your situation by owning up to it so it doesn’t control you. Acknowledge that it happened and it felt bad but you can’t change the past. Instead of blaming external factors like bad management and poor timings, own up to the part you played in it. Admit that you need to change yourself to progress in your career and move on.

3. Learn From Those Who Endured

A lot of successful businesspeople have overcome a setback of some sort in their career and they know the significance of moving on after failure. Sony began by manufacturing electric rice cookers that burned the rice. Evan Williams established Twitter after his podcast directory Odeo was rendered obsolete by the launch of iTunes. The first two car companies founded by Henry Ford failed, leaving him penniless.
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4. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Try New Things

Try to reframe your setbacks and see them as turning points in your career. If frequently doing things in the same fashion has not gotten you anywhere then it might be time to try something new and daring. Identify new paths and see where they lead you.

5. Think About Pursuing Further Education

At times, we stop growing as professionals and in all honesty might even regress a bit. But as you try new paths, you may realize that you need additional expertise and knowledge to progress in your career. Moreover, an outside source may help inspire you to develop new skills. Remember that you don’t have to get a formal degree from an institute. Instead, you can always go for short-term courses, certificate programs, seminars, or online programs.

6. Consider Becoming an Entrepreneur

If you feel like you are stuck in a role where your skills are not being properly availed then consider starting a side business like a social media or blogging network. You can gain a more fulfilling position and – you never know – it might lead to a successful startup that eventually replaces your company employment.

7. Invest in Social Media

Growing your online community can result in clients coming to you instead of you searching for clients. People can begin to seek you out to talk about latest opportunities. Your online activities can result in growing business for your company.
Once you stop blaming external elements for downfalls in your career and take control of it, only then will you feel appreciated and accomplished.  Remember than when it comes to your career, the grass is as green as you make it.

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