How We Grew Our Facebook Group to 6,000 Members
Today our Community Manager, Rachell Corpuz, and I sit down and chat about how we grew our Facebook group, The Classy Career Girl Network, to 6,000 members.

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How to Manage and Grow a Facebook Group

1. Be Vulnerable

Put yourself out there so other people can trust you and get to know you. Make the time to get to know people in your Facebook group and make connections.

2. Schedule/Setup your daily FB posts

You can schedule your posts by using an app called Buffer or Hootsuite. Scheduling ahead of time will make it easier to manage. It’s a great way to bring the community together to have themes each day. Just make sure you also post unscheduled updates as well so people can really get to know you.

3. Keep up the engagement with your group members.

Set a schedule to check everyone’s questions and comments each day if possible. Go through them and answer them as much as possible. You can give advice and even share articles that can help them from your blog. Try to create a sense of trust by having more people engage. Make it a safe place that people feel comfortable in.

4. Manage the requests to join your Facebook group.

Before you accept the requests, try to check their profile and see if it’s a fake account.
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5. Filter all the posts from the members.

Make sure all the posts posted by the members are in line with your guidelines. If someone violates it, you can message them and remind them again.

6. Know your members.

The best way to differentiate yourself from others is to really know your members and respond to them. Don’t be overly salesy on your group. Make it a community and a great networking place. Don’t be afraid to promote your programs and services just make sure it’s not done everyday.

7. Add value to your Facebook group.

Do stuff that is special for members – give a free PDF or special freebies only for Facebook group members. Give them what they want. You can make polls and surveys to get their feedback so you will know what members want. Challenges are a great idea too.

8. Welcome new members.

Welcome your new members and inform them about your group guidelines.

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