Facebook Jumpstart 101: How to Get Started With Facebook

Recently, we asked our audience where they struggle the most with Facebook. Here are some of the responses:

I feel like I don’t have anything to talk about that someone wants to hear. I want to get out of my own head and just do the darn things.(FB Lives)

I’m not used to promoting myself, and I need to do it… everywhere. I have a fear of putting something rock solid out there because then… It’s really OUT there. Haha.

I can’t figure out the algorithms

I don’t really want to have to keep up with it.

I have no Audience, no idea what to talk about, 1000 of other things to do (content), fear of being ridiculous, no aim.

Facebook ads…don’t want to waste my money. I’ve heard so many people get little ROI.

Getting people in a Facebook group! And how to get participation when there are only a few members.

Today, I’m going to dive into some of these frustrations and give you a jump start to help you utilize Facebook strategically so you don’t waste your time and money.

1. Facebook Ads

Many people are scared to lose money with Facebook Ads. Some people dive in way too early and don’t understand how to correctly use them. We wanted to break it down for you so you know when you are ready to use Facebook Advertising. 

You should consider using Facebook ads if:

  • You have a proven funnel in place and it is working organically to bring in sales without advertising.
    • Ex: blog to a strategy session to a sale
    • Ex: blog to a webinar to a sale
  • If you are getting closer to making enough income to support yourself full-time. You are confident in your future and excited about the opportunities that lay ahead and the difference you can make as a full-time entrepreneur.


Warning: Don’t advertise unless you know your sales funnel is working. Ads are for growing and scaling a sales funnel that already works.

We didn’t run Facebook ads until four years into growing our business. We started Facebook ads in 2014. We grew our business with courses and coaching organically from 2011-2014 and started advertising in 2014 so I could bring in leads while on maternity leave.

2. Facebook Pages

How to know if you are ready to have a Facebook page:

  • You know what business you want to create and you are ready to create your business plan and conduct market research. You want to map out how to make your business grow quickly and successfully
  • You know your business name and who your target market is.
  • You know the content that your target market enjoys.

KEY: Stop promoting your “stuff” on your Facebook page. Start promoting other viral content your market will like, comment and tag their friends on.

Why a Facebook page is more important than your personal profile:

  1. You can’t advertise from your personal profile and it’s actually against FB rules to promote your business from your personal profile.
  2. Your friends and family are not your ideal customers. Maybe in the beginning, but not long term. You can’t build a business off friends and family alone, you need a larger reach. 

What content to post to post on your business profile page. 

Mindset: Facebook values conversations back and forth between people.

3. Facebook Groups

Here are two ways to grow your business Facebook groups for free. 

1. Join other groups 

  • Join other groups with your target market in it. Make sure you know the group rules and be a helper.
  • Interview opportunities. 
  • Shoutouts and tags from Group leaders.
  • New business opportunities and connect others.

The how:

Help others! Spend time commenting and answering people’s questions in the comments. It’s not about the posts and promotions (those get deleted). Instead, it’s helping people in the comments.

2. Start your own Facebook group.

How to know you are ready for a FB group:

  • You have a lead magnet ready and a clear path for your members to follow. 
  • You know who your ideal clients are and have done market research. 
  • You have identified a problem that your Facebook group solves. Don’t be vague.

Create a community around your topic of ideal clients. Your community builds your know/like/trust with your audience.  You are a real person and people will start to trust you.

  • Invite people to join: Hi there friend! I just created a group all about (niche topic). I know you are as obsessed with (niche topic) as I am – can’t wait to talk all about it with you! Can I send you the link or just add you to the group??
  • Start conversations and get people to talk to each other.
  • Serve and help in your group.
  • Stay consistent. Schedule your content once per week (3-5 posts per week). Then, engage by spending 10 minutes per day in your group answering questions and comments about your posts.
  • FB groups build your list. Make sure each post has a link to a lead magnet.
  • If you are overwhelmed creating content, your audience is overwhelmed consuming it. Don’t just dump content out.
  • FB will start recommending your group if it is active.
  • Ask questions before someone joins.
  • Be yourself.

4. Facebook Live

I love using Facebook lives to connect with our audience. They are a lot of fun, and pretty easy to do. Here is what you need to do to get the most out of Facebook Lives!

  • Deliver content that leads into a lead magnet or sale or free strategy session, like we did here.  
  • Deliver content as part of a challenge like our planning challenge.

Tech to use for Facebook lives: 

  • Zoom (webinar option)

A final tip for getting the most out of Facebook Live: Set a regular time each week to host your live Q&A. Get questions from your group or surveys and answer those questions live! 

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