Everything You NEED to Know Before Entering the Professional World – Part II

Welcome to Part II of everything you NEED to know before entering the professional world.  If you missed part 1, make sure you check out this post.  All of the tips are from amazing readers like you who left comments on previous posts.  If you have more tips for young readers, feel free to share them in the comments below!  If I get a few more, I will do part III!

Everything You NEED to Know Before Entering the Professional World – Part II

Here is your college and life advice for young girls!!

  • Get an internship every summer as soon as you start college. Even if it’s unpaid. This is a great way to start building skills on a resume (future employers won’t know whether you were paid or not) and the fact that you were employed multiple times makes you much less of a hiring risk in the future! Internships are also a great way for you to learn what jobs you like and don’t like before you have to commit to a full-time job post-graduation. (by Alex Nelson)
  • My advice would be to choose a career you will love. So many people choose a career based on money and are unhappy each day. Choose an interest you love and go with it. I have a teenage sister and I always tell her to make her own money. Don’t count on someone else taking care of you. Have your own money and know how to take care of yourself. (By Dawn at Life’s Experiences)
  • The thing that I wish I’d really grasped was that learning is about developing a career and not just a dream. So I often reflect that I might have been happier if I’d done something directly related to a career – accountancy or law, perhaps (I spent most of my education studying theatre). My other tip would be not to underestimate the need for basic skills. I have a lot of resumes and applications sent to me that are terribly written and put together. I expect an application to be the very best example of the individual’s work standard.  (by the girl behind)
  • Always be prepared – do your research on the company, on the position and on yourself! Review your achievements in school, work or community and be prepared to confidently speak about them all. Most importantly have a great attitude and represent yourself honestly. Always be open to trying new things – even when you are not going to be compensated for those things – they will inevitably lead to a greater opportunity that may not be quantified through renumeration!  (by Felicia Nurmsen)
  • Watch your managers carefully. Once you enter the “business” world, you can get a feel for the kind of leader you are going to be by remembering the things you liked and didn’t like about your different leaders. I learned SO MUCH about mentoring from one boss and I left another job with a laundry list of things I didn’t want to incorporate from another.(by Maranda Gibson)
  • My recommendation would be to make sure you ask lots of questions at your job interview. Inquire why the position is open, what the company culture is like, etc. The interview process is for both the job candidate and employer alike. (by Sarah at My Colleges and Careers)
  • When still in college or school, remember to socialize. You will meet a wider variety of people when you start working and you might be intimidated by the lot. But if you’re used to socializing with people as early as possible, then you wouldn’t have a problem when you already have a job and working with people. (By Steph)

So much great advice!  What is your career and life advice for young girls?  What do you wish you would have known before going to college and entering the real world?

(P.S. This post was supposed to go up Friday morning. Unfortunately, there were too many black Friday deals today that I got a little behind.  Oops! 🙂

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