Everyone Who Feels STUCK Needs To Do This

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Everyone Who Feels STUCK Needs To Do This RIGHT NOW…

In today’s video, we cover the reason you are stuck and don’t know where or how to start.

Most of the time it is because of analysis paralysis. You are very overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

There are so many options so you do nothing because you don’t know which one to do.

You are following everyone else. They are doing this and that. It can be overwhelming!

A HUGE mistake people make when trying to make a career change is thinking they need to be perfect..

Not starting because you haven’t perfected your resume or your website or your social media or your elevator pitch or your offer.

What will people think if it’s not perfect?

Here is ONE THING you can do today (in just 15 minutes) to achieve your goals.

You have to put the blinders on. Unsubscribe. Delete.

Take one imperfect action. Send an email. Request an informational interview. Ask a question in a Facebook group.

Find direction NOW with my FREE ROADMAP: www.classycareergirl.com/roadmap

Hi, I'm Anna!

I’ll help you create a career strategy and plan so you can finally have a job or business you love that supports the life you really want.

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