What’s Wrong With Entrepreneurship Right Now (Podcast #53)
Today we are diving into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s getting noisy out there, huh? Hard to stand out and make an impression if you are starting your own business or creating your own brand. As Classy Career Girl just celebrated our six year anniversary, I can’t help but be a little jealous of how things used to be a few years ago. Less hype. Less drama. More giving. It’s a different world online these days.
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Title: CCG 53: What’s Wrong With Entrepreneurship and How to Rise Above the Noise Online

I try to stay out of the noise. I try NOT to consume everyone else’s stuff. I unfollow people like crazy every single day and I absolutely can’t stand when people invite me to their Facebook groups repeatedly. I have my few mentors that I don’t miss, but that’s it. I am creating my own stuff and trying to not be overtaken by the noise. I try to stay positive and do it how I want to do it, not like everyone else.
But, it really got to me this week. The online business world and what is happening got me down after a few experiences with new entrepreneurs in this online business space. I got bummed and pushed around. (Then, I did some yoga and was all ok, don’t you worry!:)
It made me want to share this with you. Do with it what you will, but I can’t stay silent about these things that are driving me crazy!

How Not to Start an Online Business

1. Not thinking for yourself and copying someone else’s template.
2. Brands forcing people to promote their stuff (for pennies or for free).
3. Flaunting how much money you make.
4. Flaunting how much money you paid for coaching.
5. Creating drama for your launch.
6. Your website is all about you.
7. You go big but are way underprepared.
8. Name dropping.
9. There’s always a catch.
[For more info on each of these, please read 9 things wrong with online business right now]

How To Start an Online Business

1. Don’t Rely On Others To Start Your Business For You.
2. Be 100% You.
3. Unfollow, Unsubscribe and Lead.
4. Don’t Share What. Share how.
5. Build a Community (and Be Active In It Too!)
[For more info on each of these, please read How to Rise Above the Noisy Online]

Please share what you think in the comments below! How do you rise above the noise?


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