The First Phase of Entrepreneurship
In today’s video, I am diving into the very first phase of entrepreneurship and exactly what you need to know in order to succeed. If you are thinking of starting a business, you are not alone in the feelings of overwhelm and fear.
Welcome to the first phase of entrepreneurship.  There are five phases in our Corporate Rescue Plan and today we are talking about the very first phase, The Designer Phase.

First Phase of Entrepreneurship: Designer Phase

How do you know if you are in the Designer phase?

You are a Designer if you are motivated to start your own business but confused about what type of business to start. You are scared to take the first step and struggling to find enough time to make it happen. You are beginning to figure out your purpose and strengths and how they will fit into your ideal business.
You don’t know what should be a priority first and the thought of walking away from a salary and benefits terrifies you. You have no idea what business to start and you aren’t sure if you can really make any money with your idea. You are frustrated with your day job and are having a hard time managing your time and fitting in all the things you want to do into your day. There’s just not enough time and you are very frustrated with your day job. You are sick and tired of working so hard on your employer’s goals and pushing your own goals to the back burner. You are now ready to do something about it but have no idea where to start.

Steps in Designer Phase:

1. Time

How to find the time to launch your dream business? This is one of the most common questions and issues I receive. Here are some things that I hear over and over again that you’re dealing with procrastination, there’s more to do than time allows and you’re missing out on your family. You’re really having a hard time finding balance, and you’re really not sure how to carve out “me” time.  You really don’t want to waste your time either and you really want to get this dream career launched fast.
The first step is to create your productivity plan and put a few time strategies in place to help you prioritize on ONE THING. Yep, one thing. One thing a week. That’s what our CRP Success Plans are focused on in this phase. Giving you one thing you need to do each week to help you reach your long-term goal.
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2. Mindset

A lot of you are backing off from what you truly want to do because you’re hesitant to be who you really are. You have a fear of being yourself. You’re also losing confidence in yourself. You have a lot of self-doubt and are really scared or feeling guilty to launch your dreams. You are thinking, “Am I really good enough to make my dreams to a reality? Am I ever going to get hired? I’m never going to get hired. I’m never going to be able to launch my dream business.”
You are afraid to dream too BIG. These are the things I’m hearing from you all over and over again. Some of this might ring true for you.
Then there’s also a fear of living up to other people’s expectations and really having lots of constant negative thoughts. What if it doesn’t work?

3. Direction

The third step in the Designer phase is figuring out what YOU really want and targeting your destination. This is where we figure out what business to start and start narrowing down your ideas to find the ideal business for you (not just one that is going to make you a ton of money).
It’s all about making a no-excuses policy with yourself that you can and will achieve the success you want. This is the one thing I did that made my dream business happen.
Do what you can, from where you are, with everything you’ve got.
I did all I could, with what I had, from where I was.
Now you know what it is like in the first phase of entrepreneurship and what you need to do. But, wait what about the four other phases? We will be covering all 5 phases on our webinar called “How to Successfully Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur” on Sunday and Monday. Grab your spot here: www.classycareergirl.com/successpath

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