Follow The Example of These 4 Prominent Entrepreneurs to Become Successful
In the business world, you are the architect of your life and destiny or let’s say, the master of your fate. There are no limitations to the things you can achieve. The key is learning the rules of the game and playing your cards right.  To begin with, let’s learn the most important business success secrets you should know from entrepreneur examples to inspire and motivate you.

1. Learn How to Make Money

This sounds obvious, but making money for your business is a major challenge to most people. It is important that we understand that the market pays depending on your performance. If you expect excellent rewards, then you have to focus on offering the best in your business field. Otherwise, average rewards, frustrations, and failure will be part of you.  Be vigilant and aggressive to understand the key competencies and skills needed to become an expert in your niche. With these, you can build your business and implement effective entrepreneurial strategies every single day.

2. Get Around The Right People and Follow Other Successful Entrepreneur Examples

It is worth noting that 80 percent of your success in life depends on personal and business relationships. The same trend applies when it comes to entrepreneurship. Any successful businessman will tell you there will be someone at every turning point in your life, to either help or hinder you achieve. It is therefore important that you build and maintain a network of productive relationships throughout your life. If you want to succeed, associate with positive and ambitious people. As much as they keep you motivated to achieve your goals, they can potentially bring valuable clients and partnerships to your business.
Many people will offer you tips for successful entrepreneurship, but these two are must-have traits to ensure your business succeeds. Additionally, we have compiled a list of four prominent entrepreneurs that should inspire you. From Oprah to Bill Gates, we’re sharing their success stories and real-life experiences to motivate you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Follow The Entrepreneur Examples of These 4 Prominent Entrepreneurs to Become Successful

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has one of the most inspiring rags to riches stories. Oprah’s current net worth is over $3 billion, placing her as the richest African American and arguably, topping the list of most influential women in the world.  Oprah was born in a very humble background where she grew up in abject poverty. Considering the rough upbringing of a single mother who worked as a house help, Oprah faced many challenges including sexual abuse throughout her school life. However, this did not bar her from achieving her dreams. Her career began at a local black radio station where Oprah impressed the station managers with her passion and oration. Later, Oprah landed better gigs in leading radio stations and eventually on TV. Through her passion and aspirations, she launched the widely-known Oprah Winfrey Show. Fellow entrepreneurs, PERSISTENCE is the key. Do not give up.

2. Steve Jobs

It is almost impossible to create a list of the most famous entrepreneurs without featuring Steve Jobs. Due to financial burdens, Steve dropped out of college but continued with audit classes unofficially. He later formed Apple Computer Company, the tech-giant considered the “grandfather of the digital revolution.” He changed the electronics industry significantly, and his influence will be felt forever by the coming generations. Jobs passed away with a net worth of over $8.3 billion.
Today, one of the biggest technology moguls of the century, with commitment and unrelenting spirit to his vision, Steve Jobs was undoubtedly an all-time entrepreneurial star and one of the great entrepreneur examples. With his contribution on how we can leverage technology in marketing and businesses, Jobs’ inventions have been a real game-changer.
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3. Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie, among other examples, serves as an inspiring figure in entrepreneurship.  Carnegie had a tough childhood life where he worked in factories for a living. It was rough – constant hunger was the order of the days. However, Carnegie was brilliant enough to work his way up, where he ended as a superintendent in Pennsylvania Railroad Company. He used his earnings to create several businesses, including the Carnegie Steel Mill.
Being one of the richest people in America, Carnegie proved to be a class act illustration of generosity.  He believed that anyone who dies rich dies disgraced and therefore, ended up donating almost all his wealth to charitable organizations and foundations including educational institutions and libraries across the United States.

4. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is among the most successful entrepreneurs of our age. Gates net worth is estimated to be over $80 billion. He has been crowned world’s richest man for 17 of the past 23 years, the founder of the world’s largest computing company, Microsoft, and recognized as a leading figure when defining the computer revolution.  Gates developed a great interest in programming at a very tender age; spending all the time creating computer programs in school. He later created Microsoft and led a developer’s team in creating the Windows Operating System-which is increasingly popular.
Gates, just like other famous entrepreneurs, is known for his philanthropic activities which include donations to charitable organizations as well as scientific endeavors. He also founded a philanthropic foundation that aims to reduce poverty, enhance health care, improve education opportunities and provide technological access worldwide.
Having internalized the success stories of some of the most successful entrepreneurs, it’s time to place yourself on the billionaire roadmap. Follow the entrepreneurship strategies above and influence the lives of people positively – it’s the real measure of success.

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