5 Ways to Stay Energized When Working Long Hours
Today’s fast paced and challenging life has affected many things—it has made everyone busy. Working long past the 6 pm off time has become a norm. However, this practice is having a negative impact on health. There are few days when we are energized and feel like we can easily climb up the Everest. While most days, we feel drained and out of energy, letting work stress take over us.
Of course, you can always quit working overtime or simply sleep soundly for eight hours each night. They sound like the perfect solutions, but they aren’t always possible. But fret not! There are some tiny lifestyle changes that can keep you energized and stress-free throughout the day!

5 Ways to Stay Energized When Working Long Hours

1. Get Your Basics Right

The basics of a healthy lifestyle are healthful eating and keeping your physical and mental health in check. We often compromise our health because of our busy work schedules. Taking the right amount of nutrients throughout the day and adding a quick fitness routine at the right time can keep you energized, thus, ensuring optimum mental and physical health.
Coffee can be a lifesaver, but it can also pose a threat to your health if taken in large quantity. Take coffee at the right time and try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day.

2. Make The Most of Your “Me” Time:

Although it can be difficult to take out some “me” time from your busy schedule, make sure that you do so each day. Use this time to reenergize your mind and relax your body.
Meditation is the most effective way to relax your mind. You can practice meditation anytime anywhere, even while commuting to work. Yoga is another option of getting that much-wanted stretch while calming down your thoughts at the same time. Go on a yoga retreat on your vacation days. The knowledge you acquire will last you for a lifetime and come handy in stressful days.
Calling a friend or someone from your family for a small phone-chat can also help in lowering down stress levels and cheer you up. Ever thought about taking a power nap? They are known to boost energy levels.

3. Simplify Things

When you have long work hours and the daily cycle doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, it is best to save your time and energy by simplifying things.
  • Go for clothes that are iron easy.
  • Plan and prepare your meals in big batches on weekends or when you get the time. You can even go for healthy food delivery options.
  • Use organizational apps that make your work life simpler e.g. use apps for noting down important things. You can also set up alarms and alerts for upcoming events and meetings.
  • Automate repetitive tasks so you can use the saved time and energy for other productive purposes.
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4. Keep Your Work Environment Lively

Working on a project that looks like it might need two lifetimes to complete, whilst surrounded by a dull and boring environment doesn’t sound like a good idea. Since you are spending a major part of your day at your workplace, why not liven up the environment?
Play some music. Music is known to relieve stress at work. You do not need loud music on your playlist that would make it difficult to concentrate. A rather soft blend of instruments that would relax your mind, maybe something from Mozart or Bach.
Scents play an important role in alerting the mind. If you feel you cannot stay focused, help yourself through a number of strong scents. You can either apply them on your body or fill up your working space with scented candles, which will also look pleasing.
Making friends at your office can also make long working hours less painful and more fun. Having someone who shares the same issues as you, someone who can listen and relate to them is a major plus.

5. Focus On The Goal

Usually, long, backbreaking work hours are linked to an eventual end time — the end of a project or a seasonal break. Keep that in mind and plan something to reward yourself – maybe a trip abroad, or that yoga retreat we talked about. This can help you avoid burnout and keep you motivated.
Your job nature might be demanding and you might be required to work for long hours throughout the course of your employment. But don’t get demotivated and quit. Remember why you chose this career and what you have planned for the future. Don’t lose sight of all your commitments. Hard work never goes in vain. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Bear this in mind to keep yourself motivated, focused and sane.

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