Start an Email List – How to Decide Which System is Right for You
Email is still the most powerful way to communicate online. Every day, people check their inboxes multiple times per day. Don’t you? People sit in front of a screen refreshing until they get that gratification of knowing someone else in the world cares about them. It is crucial that you start your email list today.
Your potential clients are waiting to get your email. They need your help so the first thing you must get out of your head is that you are bugging them by sending too many emails. One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is not emailing enough. Don’t worry about people unsubscribing! Remember, when people unsubscribe it is good! You only want committed people on your list.
A prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. That means you can’t just send one email and think people are going to buy from you.
Your email should be focused on building a relationship. Since you have surveyed your audience already, you know what your readers are looking for.

How to Decide Which System to Use to Set-Up an Email List

1. Beginner

You are a beginner if you are just getting started. You have little cash hanging around and no customers yet. You just want to get the hang of this email list and online marketing thing and need a place to start a list. You don’t already have any contacts to import and are ready to change the world!
Start with Mailchimp.

2. Advanced

You are advanced when you want to segment your customers and charge higher dollar amounts. You want your email list and your store all in one place so you can track who is buying and do more consistent follow-ups. This is also when you want an e-commerce shop and want to appear more “professional” for your customers when accepting all credit cards (not just Paypal anymore).
Start with 1shoppingcart.com.

3. Rock Star

You are a rock star when you have consistent cash flow and want more systems in place to track and follow up with your customers. This is also when you have the time to implement this system as it involves lots of training and new processes. You will need to hire someone to help you use this system because you need to focus on revenue generating activities. You have a business to run so leave the technical stuff for the experts!
Start with Infusionsoft.com.
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One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is not emailing enough


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