Elevate Your Career San Diego Event PHOTOS!

On September 26th, I held my very first Elevate Your Career event in San Diego.  This live event in San Diego had over 25 professional women in attendance and was a huge success.  What made this event actually happen I explained in detail on my post about the best decision and investment I made for my career. It was truly scary to book a venue and put a deposit down when no one had even signed up yet.  But, it turned out to be one of my highlights of 2013 and something that I will always remember.  2013 was all about facing my fears and personal growth. I hope to do many more events just like this in 2014 so stay tuned if you live in or around San Diego.

Thanks again to our sponsors Togally and MyTailoredFitness.com. Our sponsors helped make this fabulous event a reality!  Enjoy the photos below and stay tuned for the video which will be coming soon in the new year!

Our Sponsors

Tailored Fitness logo with url Fitness That Fits Your LifeTailored Fitness lets you create a workout at home that fits in your schedule so you can spend less time exercising and more time enjoying life.
togally final source 01 black-ORANGE Easily find and hire a great local photographer in minutes!Any event, any budget, as low as $30! Togally is only in SD for now but we will be expanding nation-wide in the near future.


Career Event-1 Career Event-11
Career Event-2 Career Event-7
Career Event-6 Career Event-10
Career Event-124 Career Event-14

Cocktail Party

Career Event-3 Career Event-4
Career Event-9 Career Event-8
Career Event-16 Career Event-15
Career Event-18 Career Event-17

Event Start

Career Event-21 Career Event-22
Career Event-24 Career Event-26
Career Event-28 Career Event-29
Career Event-29 Career Event-33
Career Event-35 Career Event-38
Career Event-42 Career Event-48
Career Event-51 Career Event-54
Career Event-68 Career Event-72
Career Event-75 Career Event-78
Career Event-84 Career Event-87
Career Event-88 Career Event-91
Career Event-92 Career Event-90
Career Event-108 Career Event-109
Career Event-120 Career Event-121
Career Event-123 Career Event-126

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