5 Steps to Create Your First Ebook and Attract More Clients
Like to write? Creating an Ebook is a great place to start.
Our goal for creating an Ebook is to create a low-priced product that leads into your main product or service that you sell. Almost all businesses could add this option to their business. What is great about having an Ebook is that your customer can get to know you and what you offer without you having to speak to them personally. It automatically forms a bond with you and helps them trust you and want to work with you even more.
Some examples of ways you can use an Ebook in your business:
1) $10 Ebook that leads into a free strategy session with you or a paid one-hour coaching call.


2) $10 Ebook that leads into your $97 online course.


3) $20 Ebook that leads to an event.


4) $5 Ebook that helps your customer learn how to use your product better.
Here’s the most important part. WE ARE NOT WRITING A BOOK FOR AMAZON.COM. We are also not creating a physical book.
We are writing a book that will be a PDF that you can sell straight from your website or social media channels. Kindle books and paperback books have a lot of requirements that make them harder to get up. Of course, you can do this later but it’s important that you keep this first Ebook simple. Start simple, make it better later and get over trying to be perfect. ????

Here are 5 steps to create your first ebook to attract more clients:

Step #1: Market Research

It’s important that the book you are about to write is not for you, it’s for them. Your future clients. What do they need? What are their biggest frustrations, goals and dreams? To find this out, you can create a survey and you can use surveymonkey.com.
You can also look at what content you already have written and lying around. It can be your most popular blog posts or social media posts.

Step #2: Create Your Outline

Everyone gets their ideas out differently. You have to do what works best for you. You have to get all the stuff you have been thinking about on paper.
Here are some ways that you can create an outline for your Ebook:
-Create a mindmap.
-Create a Word or Google doc.
-Write down your outline in a notebook.
-Record yourself on your phone or computer talking through ideas.
-Have a friend or family member interview you about the topic and answer their questions. Try to record this if possible. Sometimes it’s easier to get ideas out when you are just having a simple conversation with someone.
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Step #3: Write!

Yep, that’s it. It’s all about carving out the time in your calendar to put down on paper what is in your head. Focus on helping and your mission.
You have a message. That’s why started a business, right? You want to make a difference. If you don’t actually write down those words in your head and put it out into the world, then you can’t share your message and live that life that we all know you can.

Step #4: Give Your Ebook a Makeover

Alright, you’ve got a draft Ebook written. Woohoo! Now, let’s make it look pretty. Ideally, you have a cover page, a short bio about you, your table of contents, introduction and then, of course, the real meat of your book.
This can be however you want it to be and look. We aren’t following any rules here. Ebook page numbers range but usually are about 25-50 pages. I recommend writing your document in a word document or a google doc and converting it into a PDF to distribute to your customers.

Step #5: Ebook Sales

In the beginning, you decided how this Ebook was going to fit into your business model. So, it’s now time to make that happen.
Here are the sales strategies I would use to sell an Ebook right now:
1. Launch strategy: Offer a one-time only discount and open the cart for 5 days only. Do a lot of great free content (blogging, FB Lives and webinars) before you open the cart so that when the cart opens, people are excited. I would also add bonuses to the Ebook that will go away after the five days are up. The key here is to provide as much VALUE as possible during the launch.
2. Automated strategy: Collect leads on one small topic of your Ebook that your potential clients find very frustrating. Solve one little problem first with your free lead magnet. Then, on the thank you page after someone opts in, you provide a “sales page” thanking them for signing up and a chance to purchase your Ebook.
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