How I Am Building My Business From Bali
You can’t possibly forget you’re in Bali when monkeys show up to inspect the co-work space. Semi-weekly one or two of them will travel the block up the street from their Sacred Monkey Forest to have a look at the funny humans on their laptops. Co-working spaces are popping up around the world to meet the needs of digital nomads. These places are set up to anticipate every requirement you’ll have while working remotely. When I stumbled upon this one on my trip to Ubud in Bali last September I immediately started planning ahead. I’m here now and working on my online business for three months.

How I Work Internationally From a Co-working Space

You start by paying a monthly fee, which varies depending on your needs, then you can spend the hours you need at the space accessing their high-speed wireless. Internet around the rest of the island is a frustratingly slow. We have a quiet room (no chatting or taking skype calls). There are other reserved rooms for conference calling or recording podcasts or videos.
The space is open 24/7 although there are set hours where the front desk is staffed and the raw foods café is open. When I arrive in the morning there are always 30 or more people set up and working around the long tables. Fans are blowing – the building is wide open to the breezes and everywhere you look you are surrounded by the verdant jungle of Bali.

What I Am Learning

I’ve picked up some new knowledge by attending the weekly skill share sessions given by member volunteers. A few that stood out for me were: charisma (for public speaking), using AdWords for Google and marketing essentials. We have a check-in each Monday morning.
I was truly impressed by the over one dozen projects that were put out for review and updates this past week. They ranged from retail – to coaching, marketing and tech freelancers who, when they explain what they do – I had NO understanding whatsoever. It’s really energizing to hear so many entrepreneurial ideas here. We also share our expertise – all you need to do is raise your hand and ask. I had someone work with me on my homepage this week who is a real marketing genius from Dublin.
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I never realized how many individuals would be here from all over the world. I’m an “empty-nester” who doesn’t need to stay at home to care for children. The ones who arrive alone like I did quickly make friends, all you need to do is introduce yourself to a few people and soon you will be comparing notes with new friends at the raw foods café in the back garden.

How You Can Work From Bali Too

If you want to try this out and you are not currently in a great coaching program like CRP (Corporate Rescue Plan with Anna Runyan) which I am, I suggest you find an accountability-mate. Or find out first if the co-working location you are going to has a paid coaching program.
The one here in Ubud has a very appealing program, they even set you up in a nearby hotel to help you acclimatize.  Everyone acknowledges the necessity of having some structure to keep your work moving forward and it empowers you to say no when the beach or pool are calling to you. All the temptations are here! We can’t behave like tourists (all of the time). Yes, we are working and grateful to be implementing our ideas and sharing our gifts with the world.
But the days off – even half days off are supercharged with the brilliance of the beauty here in Bali. The abundance of natural splendor is matched by the sacred energy that you feel and can observe every day as the Balinese attend to their daily offering and blessings. It’s a constant reminder to thank the earth for providing us with food and life.  I love it here. It’s a very unique place and I’ve never felt like this anywhere else. I am filled with gratitude for having the courage to create an online business.
Where will you find me next? I’ll be spending the summer in the mountains of Colorado.

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