1 Crucial Step to Building a Business With a Day Job
Usually I give you a few different steps to create a business or find a dream job on this blog. But, today I am narrowing it down to one really important thing. One crucial thing I did to turn my side hustle into a full time-business. The one major thing that really helped me launch my business while working my day job on the side.
This one thing has come up over and over again in every interview and conversation I have been having lately.  How did you start? How did you make your first dollar?

1 Crucial Step to Building a Business With a Day Job

The one thing I did that really helped me launch my business was selling my product before it was ready. 

I knew I really wanted to teach but I kept procrastinating. It was scary and I knew I needed a push and a little motivation to actually create the course and get my business started.
I loved training and teaching people but I was really stuck in my day job. I hated it.
So one morning before I went to work, I sent out an email. I had a small list less than 100 people. I sent out an email before I went to work and announced a course I was having the next month called the Get Unstuck Bootcamp.
I priced it at $97, linked to Paypal and went to work. I buried the link in my email that I set up for free with mailchimp. I was secretly hoping that no one would buy it because then I would actually have to create the course.
I was sitting in my cubicle at work and I opened up my phone. There it was. A $97 purchase. My first student wasn’t even in the US. She was in London.

I had to create the course then.

After that day, I went home and put together the course over the next month. I did the teaching and training live with the participants. Later on 4 others joined that first course back in 2012 so I had five total people. That is what got this all started.
After that course, I ran it again and again. I improved it. It’s now called Love Your Career Formula 2.0 and I have never been more proud of anything I have created. It all started by actually putting it out there and selling something before I was even ready.
If there is anything you can do now right now to start selling before it is completely prepared and ready, do it. Do it now.

I would love to hear your questions and comments in the comments below.

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