Create Your 90-Day Business Launch Plan

Today, I want to share my process for launching a new product, course, or business. Over the years, I have used this business launch plan dozens of times to keep myself, and our team organized and actually make it to launch!

The two people I have learned a TON from on launching are Stu McLaren and Jeff Walker. Check them out if you want a deeper dive!

How to Create a Business Launch Plan in Just 3 Hours

Ready to get started? Here is how I created my 90-day launch plan! It is just three steps and generally takes me around three hours to do. It is short and sweet, which makes it easy to implement.

Step 1: Create a NEW Google Calendar

Pick a 3-month timeframe for your launch, then create a calendar only for your launch. This took me 30-45 minutes.

First, plan out your Phase 5, which is the fulfillment of your product. Set dates for calls and for fulfilling your product. Focus on WOWing your members. Host a welcome week or new member orientation. Also, set aside times for any Fast Action bonus dates you’ll provide.

Then, set dates for Phase 4, which is your actual launch when the cart opens. I suggest choosing a launch week that is slow in your personal life. Set your Phase 4-7 launch dates first, then set other dates for launch week like live streams, webinars, FB lives, etc.

Phase 3: This is stage is about building a relationship by giving away great free content. Pick the 1-2 weeks before your pre-launch. This is your free stuff which is valuable, but also sets the need for your product.

Show them that you know their frustrations and goals, and you have a solution. Tell them the date your cart will open.  I do a 4-part video series, but it could be a series of webinars or FB Lives. Whatever it is, you are seeding your product and service and making your audience really want it so they will jump on it when it finally becomes available.

Phase 2: This is four weeks pre-pre-launch. During this time, I work on list building, and building relationships through FB Lives by doing how-to training and answering questions. This is when you’ll want to showcase studies of people getting the success your market wants. Make sure to email your list every week.

Phase 1: This is the beginning when people really get to know YOU! You’ll share your values and beliefs. You’ll also share what you feel passionate about. You can be yourself here! YAY! This phase is also for four weeks. Share what you stand for. Connect. Be vulnerable. Build relationships. Do weekly videos being yourself and email your list once per week.

Step 2: Set Up Tasks Associated with Your Launch Calendar in Asana

This part took me 1 hour.

Create a new project for this launch in Asana. Inside the project, make a task for every single thing you need to do in your launch over the next three months. Details matter here. Get it out of your head and into Asana.

What videos do you need to record? What blog articles or emails do you need to write? What lead magnets do you need to create? What FB Lives do you need to do? What pictures do you need to be designed? What sales pages do you need to create?

You can worry about the topics of FB Lives and lead magnets later. This is really getting the big picture project plan done as quickly as you can.

Step 3: Delegate All tasks in Asana to the Appropriate Person and Assign a Deadline

This took me 1 hour.

Delegate all tasks to people and give real deadlines.

Give yourself the time and space to provide quality stuff. Give yourself early deadlines while looking at your Google calendar, so you have wiggle room if you need to delay things. For instance, if you plan to launch your list build on May 1st, get it done a week ahead of time.

That’s it!! Now it’s time to execute.

Every Sunday when I plan out my week, all I do is check out my calendar in my launch project in Asana and see what I need to get done that week. I check things off as I go, and this is how I stay on top of what needs to get done in prep for launch time.

I really want to thank everyone who has been joining us over in the Classy Career Girl Network! It is so incredible to see how many of you jump in to help members who have questions. Thank you for all you do.  If this plan helps you, I would love to hear about it! Share your thoughts and experiences on Instagram and let me know what works for you. Make sure you tag me @classycareergirl and share your biggest takeaways!

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