Corporate Rescue Plan Case Study: Lisa Wisniewski

Meet Lisa, Founder and CEO of Believe.Love.Succeed. Lisa came to me with a dream of a brand for her business but was unsure how to make it a reality.

She joined my membership and has made great strides. Her biggest accomplishment was getting LisaWisniewski.com up and running so that she can now start marketing her services.

Thanks for sharing your story Lisa and inspiring us all to take action to reach our dreams!

What result have you received so far by joining the Corporate Rescue Plan?

Lisa: “Before joining the group or before I even came across Anna, I had developed many different websites. Needless to say, that’s not one of my strengths so I had a lot of website shame before. I reached out to Anna and her team and they help me create a website that is not only beautiful but is also professionally done. I no longer have that same website shame and I’m happy to share it with others so they can now be more familiar with what I do and how I can help them.”

What do you like most about the course? What are some benefits?

Lisa: “One thing, among many, that I’m grateful for within the Corporate Rescue Plan is the community that we’ve built with one another. There’s women in the group that are in all different stages of their businesses and we help each other and overcome hurdles. We also celebrate each other’s successes. One thing I look forward to every week is getting on the group coaching calls. I love hearing how everyone’s businesses are doing and hearing about all of their progress.”

Would you recommend the course? If so, why?

Lisa: “I would definitely recommend the Corporate Rescue Plan to anyone who’s thinking about signing up. It is one of the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s definitely an investment in myself that I’m very happy that I did. I would definitely recommend Anna and her team and her Corporate Rescue Plan to anyone who is interested in checking it out.”

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