3 Things I Do Daily to Boost My Confidence
“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”- Eleanor Roosevelt
Confidence is sometimes acquainted with arrogance.  However, it is imperative that we are confident within ourselves.  Life situations and moments can impact our confidence in our abilities and strengths.  Assessing our confidence daily will allow us to purge of those moments that damaged our confidence or use those moments as merely a tool for growth.

3 Things I Do Daily to Boost My Confidence

1: Remind Myself Daily

Even if you are not feeling too confident, there is power in our words.  You must remind yourself daily that you are confident.  You are in control of your confidence meter each day.  External and internal influences may try to impact your confidence meter but you must reset it.  It may feel as if the world is knocking you down but do not join the world in kicking yourself too.
Repeat this daily:  “I am perfectly flawed.  I am confident in my strengths.  I am confident in my abilities.  I am a work in progress but I love the work I see today.”

2: Purge of Yesterday’s Critiques

“Too many critics with no credentials.”- Unknown
We have to take moments in our lives to truly assess the critiques we receive from others.  I do this daily.  People will give you advice, often unsolicited, that may hurt your feelings.  However, there are times where you requested critique and it may not have been an easy pill to swallow.  You must separate those critiques that were tools for growth and those critiques that were only a source to tear you down.  Sometimes, we may even confuse the two.
Because of this, it is important that we purge of the negative thoughts while ensuring self-growth.  You must actively work on your own confidence.  Repeat this daily:  “Through my imperfections, I choose growth.  Even through moments of uncertainty, I choose to remain confident in my strength and abilities.  I am wonderfully made and will continue to become the best version of me.”

3: Dress the Part!

We wear confidence each day.  We must dress the part, internally and externally.  If you are feeling down, a nice outfit can instantly make you feel confident.  Put on a little lip-gloss or eyeliner to bring out those wonderful features you have.  Your external confidence tends to be a reflection of your internal confidence.
However, be careful when you start to compare yourself to others.  Everything is not always as it seems.  This is why you must tend to your own confidence and dress the part for your life.  Take a moment to do whatever it is that makes you feel both beautiful on the inside and out.  You are simply amazing and wonderfully made.  Repeat this daily:  “I am confident, wonderfully made, and perfectly flawed.  I am just as strong on the outside as I am on the inside.” 

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