3 Reasons Why Communication is The Make Or Break Factor of Success
What if I told you that there was a secret skill that, should you master it, you would have a competitive edge over nearly anyone you’ll ever work beside in your life? What if I told you that honing this one skill could mean the difference between a successful career and an average to low-wage position for the rest of your life?
While it’s nothing you’ll likely be taught in high school, and you’ll only learn it in college if you end up in the right circles, it might be the best-kept secret of success in the world.
It’s communication.
The difference between a person that can communicate clearly and efficiently and a person who struggles with these skills is probably much larger than you know.  Think about it – if you’re a person that can communicate efficiently with others, you can have a much stronger effect on a team’s productivity.  You’ll be a manager rather than a worker, a team-builder rather than a follower.

3 Reasons Why Communication is The Make Or Break Factor of Success

1. Good People Skills Make You Stand Out

When you have an exceptional way with people, other people notice.  People who always seem to know what to say, how to keep the peace, and are funny and charming? Those are the kind of people others gravitate toward and admire.
It won’t just be your co-workers taking notice of this. Your employers, clients, or anyone else you work with will, too.  With good people skills, you’ll be the type of person who always runs into the next big opportunity.

2. Impressions Are Everything

Having good communication skills means you make an impression wherever you go.  You’re the person that clients want to hire, you’re the person others want to be introduced to, and you’re a person that comes easily to mind in many different situations.  It’s easy to underestimate what having a good impression on people does.
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3. It’s a Snowball Effect 

This is the key: standing out and making a good impression creates an insane snowball effect.  There are opportunities happening around the circles of your life all the time, no matter what you do.  Whether you’re a work-at-home, be-your-own-boss freelancer or an employee at a firm, new things are always emerging in your network.
Be the kind of person who stands out and makes a good impression, and you’ll get first dibs on opportunities in life in general.  That’s it. That’s why communication is the make or break for success. The advantage is HUGE.
And don’t worry, if you think you’re the worst communicator you know, this is a skill that can be practiced!  Use resources online and professional clubs such as Toastmasters to develop your communication skills. 

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