5 Common New Entrepreneur Roadblocks that Stop You from Growing a Business
I’m sure you’ll agree, trying to start a successful business that matches your purpose and makes a difference, isn’t always as simple as people sometimes make it seem. When you are a new entrepreneur, everyone else makes it look so easy but it’s just not.
What Being a New Entrepreneur is REALLY Like?
Here’s the thing. Entrepreneurship is HARD, right? And it’s so easy to get distracted by the pretty photos on Facebook where it looks like entrepreneurs fly to Paris last minute, drink champagne in Italy and live a luxurious laptop lifestyle from the beach. They make it look so easy so why is it so hard for us!
I am often hustling in my bedroom in a messy house with my daughter running around and dishes piled in the sink. So, I decided to create a movement around the REAL experiences of starting a business. The truth is, entrepreneurship comes with a lot of challenges.

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5 Entrepreneur Roadblocks & How to Overcome Them

We can’t grow our business if we have roadblocks. I’ve definitely had a lot of roadblocks in my way, there’s just a lot of come up. So, today I wanted to share what I have faced growing my business over the last few years.
1. Common New Entrepreneur Roadblock: How Will I Stand Out?
How do I stand out from the competition? I am afraid to create a service or product in markets that are already flooded. It is so easy in the digital world to get consumed by all the other stuff out there. If there are other people in the market, that is good; you know it is a profitable market! Switch your fear into a positive makes you think this is possible.
You have your own strengths, and no one else has that. Many clients come to me because of my background in corporate, they know I understand where they are coming from and I can connect with them better.
2. Common New Entrepreneur Roadblock: I Am Afraid I Won’t be Able to Monetize
I am afraid I won’t be able to monetize what I am doing for business. I am afraid that I will put my family into financial uncertainty and not be able to pay my bills. Take that first step to see if people will purchase your product. You have to be willing to take the imperfect step and focus on solving people’s problem. Not everything you do will work, you may have to pivot and you might fail.
3. Common New Entrepreneur Roadblock: I Am Scared of What Others Will Think
I am scared of what other people will think of me. I am on the fence about putting myself out there. We all have these people in our lives telling us these things that might not be true. If I had listened, I would not be where I am today. Make sure you are listening to the right people, the people who can help you. When you ask for advice, make sure you are asking the right people for advice.
4. Common New Entrepreneur Roadblock: Technology
I have no idea how to build a website. Does anyone relate to this? I hate tech. I know this held me back a long time. In this day and age, most of the tech stuff has been figured out for you. Most of the time you can figure out how to do this stuff for free or very cheap. You can also outsource the tech, don’t let this stuff hold you back. Don’t be afraid of it, and try not to worry about the finances. There are simple tutorials and cheat sheets you can find. I really don’t recommend spending thousands of dollars on your website at first, because it will change! My site and my messaging have changed so much over the years.
5. Common New Entrepreneur Roadblock: Personal Finances
I am scared that I won’t be able to contribute enough to the family budget. Some people grow really fast, others take their time. Start by trying to live on less. If you have a paycheck, try living on half. Here is the thing, when you want to grow you need to be able to reinvest in your business. Start by figuring out how much you need to make each month, then figure out how many clients you need to make that.
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