Classy Career Girl: Top 50 Up and Coming HR Blogs

Yep, that’s right!  Classy Career Girl made the top 50 up and coming HR blogs for career planning and advice including information on, well, how to be classy as you climb the corporate ladder.  If you are looking for more information on Human Resources careers, check out the other blogs on the list to learn more about the very important skill to have the ability to manage people and help them settle into corporate life.  Training and career development are a HUGE passion of mine, so a spot on this list is very exciting!!

Classy Career Girl: Top 50 Up and Coming HR Blogs

Here are a few other career blogs that made the list.  Hope you find some great ones like I did!

Passion on purpose: Develop passion for your work and those you work with.

General Human Resources:
1.00 FTE-Impressions of corporation life: This great blog offers web comics about corporate life and human resources. A great way to get through the day.

Career Development:
MonsterThinking: Career giant Monster started a new blog.

Law, Policy and Ethics:
Employee Training Blog: Deals with workplace issues like taxes and other policies that might be of interest.

Recruitment and Talent Management:
Kenexa Blog: Learn about what makes people want to work for you.

Any other passionate HR career gals out there?  What area of HR do you work in?

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