How to Keep a Healthy Mental Headspace

When working on your goals, you will encounter many failures and things may not always go as you planned. One of our CLASS member’s asked in our CLASS #AskAnna call how to keep a healthy mental headspace when things feel like they’re falling apart.  And that’s what we are featuring on this episode.

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CLASS AskAnna: How to Keep a Healthy Mental Headspace When Working On Your Goals

#1 Question from Stacey:

Need tips on this general scenario:

Say you have a goal that requires so much persistence i.e. light bulb invention project – many failures – nothing goes to plan but each failure something is learnt and improved on…

How does one keep a healthy mental headspace (i.e stop questioning self when it will get done) to thrive and keep going (over many yrs) so the goal is achieved quicker than ever thought possible?

My Response

Some goals take time. I’m 10 years into this business and still working towards my big goals. I would read the book The One Thing. And remember that big goals are made up of tiny baby steps. The book talks about dominos. We have to knock down all these dominos to get to our big goals. So what you do today and this month matters in helping you knock down the dominos to reach your big goals. Having an accountability group of cheer leaders is extremely helpful as well as this Facebook group and sharing your small wins. Asking for help when you are stuck. Doing beta test and launches. Starting small.

#2 Question from Stacey:

How are goals (big to small) best written & utilized to keep focused i.e on a touchpad/ipad or/& paper system?

My Response

I keep a calendar digitally with google calendar.

I use my planning system to write down my big goals (annual and 90 days) and then every week I write a weekly plan and every day I write my daily plan. It really depends on what you like. I like writing my to-do list and checking it off with a pen. I also keep larger asana to do lists as well for team projects.

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