Best Moments For Girls
There is nothing we cannot accomplish as girls. That’s the message that GoldieBlox, an award-winning construction toy-maker for girls, is sending to #classycareergirls everywhere. On Dec 1st, 2015, the company launched their latest online video, “Fast Forward Girls 2015.”
Their message is loud and clear to girls everywhere: they are worth it, and anything is possible.  The same message and mission we 100% support here at CCG.

Pass Along this Video to a Future #classycareergirl in Your Life Today

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/Xy1Y_6M18vE”][vc_column_text]

Here are the women featured in the video:

“I’m 5’2”. I started when I was 13. I’m black. But I’ve made it happen. I’m very lucky to be where I am… it’s possible.” -Misty Copeland  (#iLookLikeAPrincipalBallerina)
“Who run the world? Girls.” –Beyonce (#iLookLikeAnEntrepreneur)
“Don’t ever limit yourself or let anyone put you in a box.” -Isis Anchalee (#iLookLikeAnEngineer)
“In my life, what I find most satisfying is that I was part of a movement that made life better.” -Ruth Bader Ginsburg (#iLookLikeAJustice)

fast forward girls ccgnews

“….human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely — and the right to be heard.”-Hillary Clinton (#iLookLikeAPresident)
“I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story; I will.” -Amy Schumer’s (#iLookLikeAComedian)
“Embrace physical fitness and nutrition more!  Period, end of sentence.” –Abby Wambach’s (#iLookLikeAWorldChampion)
“No matter what, keep your belief that you can do anything. You are special, and what you are capable of is bigger than even you know. Let nothing stop you, not your size or your gender. You can literally take on the big boys.”-Jen Welter (#iLookLikeAnNFLCoach)
“I believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. And I’ve spent far too long apologizing for that, my age, my color, my lack of classical beauty, that now I am at the age of 46, I am very proud to be Viola Davis. -Viola Davis (#iLookLikeAnEmmyWinner)

Now your turn, fill in the blank in the comments below. I look like ___________.


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