What You Missed This Week On CCG
Here’s a list of articles published this week on Classy Career Girl. Feel free to go back and read them. Here’s a list for your convenience.


What You Missed This Week On CCG

How I Learned to Embrace Failure
Not surprisingly, the more I “succeeded,” the harder it was to let myself fail.
Failing became something scary and unacceptable.
4 Ways to Get Startup Capital for Your New Business
Starting your own business is an exciting endeavor. Many dreamers disenchanted with the daily grind of their 9-5 job, dive headfirst into the startup rabbit hole. Don’t jump yet. Before you can even get the business off the ground, you will need to come up with startup capital. As a potential business owner, you can use a variety of strategies to come up with the funds.
5 Top Trends for Fashion This Spring
2016 has started out as a colorful year and will continue to astound everyone with new fresh top trends in outfits and styles! This season is filled with combinations of designs and colors for everyone. We are excited. Aren’t you?
The Day Designer: This Week’s Classy Career Giveaway!
We’ve teamed up with some amazing friends and partners to bring you FOUR weeks of incredible #classycareergiveaways just in time to get organized this spring! This week we are giving away a The Day Designer to ONE lucky person.
20 Amazing Ways to Simplify Your Life
Limit your worrying and you will be calmer, gain more confidence and strength. “Light a candle instead of cursing the darkness,” said Eleanor Roosevelt. Avoiding unnecessary stress in your life is one way to promote your health and simplify your life. My favorite way to do that is to limit television, especially in the morning.
Don’t Quit Your Job Yet: 2 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition
For instance, say you are an investment banker and your passion is photography. You decided you want to make a switch to be a wedding photographer. Then seek a position with wedding event planners, even if it’s unpaid!
5 Essential Steps to Fall Back in Love With Your Business
All relationships take work and running your own business is one of the hardest things you might ever do. Before you started, you probably dreamed of the freedom you’d have by being your own boss. But let’s say you are feeling a little burnt out by your business. How do you fall back in love?
What No One Tells You About Traveling With Credit Cards
When we travel, we always try to use credit cards whenever possible. There is a lot of debate out there as to the benefits and drawbacks of credit cards when it comes to being financially responsible.

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