How To Ban Busy
I love the concept of macro and microscheduling.  What is it?  It is the intentional use of time to achieve your goals.  Start the new year off right and makeover your schedule. We are in the age of glorifying busy and it’s really just too much.  We are humans, not machines.  Give yourself grace to enjoy life and do those things that are most impactful for yourself, your business or career, and your health.

How To Ban Busy

What is Macroscheduling?

Macroscheduling is the beauty that is the Vision Board.  Your vision board might be magazine clippings, a Pinterest board, a list, or even a spreadsheet.  It represents your dreams for the year.  Macroscheduling helps you make those dreams come true.  I often get asked, “How do you do it all?”.  The answer is, I don’t.  And, I’m not afraid to be honest about that.
Is your identity rooted in being busy?  Macroscheduling means choosing what is important in each season and focusing solely on that.  The intentional use of time.  Scatterbrained isn’t sexy.
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Maybe you focus on a business launch in the Spring, marketing in the summer, content building in the Fall, and customer appreciation in the Winter. Or, professional development in the Spring, staff development in the summer, career advancement in the Fall, and having fun in the Winter.  At the end of the year, you will have a well-rounded career life or built a comprehensive business that is running smoothly.
For personal wellness, you can focus on meal planning in the Spring (post holidays!), outdoor exercise in the summer, fitness challenges in the Fall (pre-holidays!), and appreciating food in the winter – ok, not all winter, but enjoy that macaroni and cheese.  It’s all about balance.
Macroscheduling means deciding what is important in the big picture.  Everything is not important all the time.  Think about fun, faith, business, family, and health goals to focus on each season.

What is Microscheduling?

Microscheduling represents getting into the details of the day.  It’s the Type A woman’s best friend, and needed most by those who don’t want to do it.  How do you spend each day?  Continue giving yourself grace.  You cannot do everything every day.  You cannot spin all ten plates at the same time.  You cannot juggle all eight balls at the same time. You get the idea.  Decide how you will spend each day.  You will wake up knowing what to expect and will be more productive as a result.
You should not have to decide what is important each day.  You should already know what is important before you wake up.
Here’s an example: Mondays are for article writing, Tuesdays are for connecting with clients on social media. Wednesdays are for back office activities. Thursdays are for connecting with current clients. Fridays are for in-person social and networking events, and weekends are for faith and family.  There’s your free blueprint.  With a clear idea of where your year and your day is headed, you will be lit on fire daily in 2017.
Focus your time.  Give yourself grace.  Be productive. Live intentionally. Ban busy.

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