3 Things Getting In the Way Of Your Business Success
Recently, one of our members in The Corporate Rescue Plan said that she made a commitment to start her business and now has clients coming at her left and right. Great, right? Wrong! Now, she’s overwhelmed and second-guessing herself. She has the employee mindset where everything would be solidly planned out over the next 6 months. She even asked me if she should say no to clients to wait until she has it all planned out. 
What do you think I said? No! You learn by doing and taking action. I never had it all together when I started. I sold my first online course before I created it and it got my butt moving forward. And then, I got prepared. I created the content. I created my business with my clients and improved and improved and improved. When you are an entrepreneur, things change SO much from month to month, especially when you are just starting out. Only now can I say that I have a solid one-year plan ready to go way ahead of schedule (yep! 2017 is already all planned out! Woohoo!)  
But, when you first start, that is not normal.

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3 Things Getting In The Way Of Your Business Success

1. Perfection.

Someone once told me that they thought I was Superwoman because I get so much stuff done. They said, “It looks so perfect and easy when you do it.” Well, I started somewhere on day 1 too. I got going with an ugly logo and an ugly website six years ago. Of course today there is still plenty that I wish I could change too but I am taking action and moving forward. One other thing that I am doing is constantly learning. But, never striving to be perfect.
I fail a lot. It’s not going to be perfect when you start or probably ever and that is ok.

2. Comparison

I’m not as loud as others out there and that is ok. A woman actually told me one time when she bought someone else’s program that she was really bummed that I wasn’t louder in my marketing so she had bought my program instead.
Yes, really.
Hint: It’s not my fault for marketing authentically and making an income how I am proud to make a living.  I 100% believe in my products and services and I don’t need to make promises or tell you how much I make in my launch to authentically market. And no I am not out spending loads of money dining out in Paris on a trip booked yesterday. I am working. HARD. Harder than I ever have to make an impact and leave a legacy. So for all these reasons, I can’t watch other people out there. I just have to do my thing. Don’t fall into the dreaded comparison trap. Just do you.  You don’t need to be loud to be heard. Put on those blinders. Unsubscribe like crazy and limit the podcasts and blogs you read to ONLY the mentors that make you excited and positive. If you feel jealous or nervous or in my case, bite your nails, SKIP IT!
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3. Fear

Are you afraid of success? Afraid of what other people will think? Fear of success is common. Getting frozen and scared so you just don’t do anything at all. But here’s a big thing….action is what gets you over the fear. Baby steps and doing whatever you can right now at this very moment even it’s just 15 minutes. This could be something like contacting a mentor or asking a question.
If you want to move past these roadblocks and be our next Employee to Entrepreneur success story, I encourage you to sign up for our webinar this Sunday! We are going to review the Employee to Entrepreneur Success Path and share with you the 5 phases of Entrepreneurship and what you need to do to succeed in each. Sign-up at www.classycareergirl.com/successpath.

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