One Page Downloadable Business Plan Template
Your business plan does not need to be fancy with charts and graphs. You do not need to stay up all night working on it. Keep it simple! It should be as simple as fitting your plan onto one sheet of paper.
Here are the five questions you should ask yourself to create your one-page business plan.

How to Easily Create a One-Page Business Plan

Question 1: Purpose
What motivates you to start your own business? What problems have you solved that you now want to help others solve?
Question 2: People
Who will support you and help you make your business dreams happen? How will you take care of yourself while you build and grow your business?
Question 3: Product/Service
What are you going to sell? What problem are you solving?
Question 4: Promotion
How will people find out about your business? How will you turn prospects into customers?
Question 5: Profit
What is your monthly revenue goal? How many clients do you need each month to reach your goal?

Why do you need a business plan?

In business school, we had to do these huge business plans that were over 50 pages long. Of course, I always got stuck being the editor and the person making it perfect at the very end right before we submitted it…
These humongous plans scared me away from doing a plan for my business when I started. The first couple of years I didn’t have a plan. I was stressed trying a million different things and very confused. I googled “business plan template” and tried to find something online that fit my type of business. I wanted a plan geared towards a service-based small business run mostly online.
I couldn’t find a template. You’ll never guess what I did next.
I created my own business plan template that worked amazing for me. Over the last three years I have been improving it and handing it out to my clients to use it to start and scale their businesses too. It is so nice when you have a business plan. When my clients complete this plan and send it to me, they are so much less stressed! They have a plan in place. They know what they are supposed to do every single day rather than post this on Facebook and this on Pinterest….and get nowhere.
Having a business plan will help you become so much more confident and give you so much clarity. I highly recommend it.
Here’s the best part. Our business plan template is only $7 for a limited time. It will help you out so much if you are just starting your business or growing a business already but looking for more structure. If it doesn’t work, just tell us within 30 days and will give you your money back. We are so confident in this plan and we think you’ll love it.

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